Three ways to enjoy card games during this quarantine

These are days where we are struck indoors with nothing much to do because of the nationwide lockdown to fight Corona Pandemic. At this time, it’s important to follow all the safety protocols advocated by the government including social distancing, Staying at home, and staying clean.

Remaining at home for a long period can become frustrating as we are used to busy lifestyle these days. It can really test our patience and temper. So, if this self-isolation/quarantine period has you feeling like you’re in a lock up, there are always a few activities which will help you overcome this. We’ve discussed in lengths about the activities that you can follow during this quarantine period in our earlier blog posts.

Gaming is one of those engaging activity that you can indulge to kill time. As we’re all physically distancing ourselves from one another right now, there’s little chance to enjoy outdoor games like Volleyball, Football, and Cricket. We’ve have to think of options that entertain us while we stay put at home.

One of the most easiest way to overcome frustration and build patience during these tough days is to play card games. People for generations have played cards for entertainment and to kill boredom.

We’ve grown up on a staple of card games like rummy, bluff, ass etc. Perhaps it’s time to relive those nostalgic memories now when you have ample amount of free time.

We’ve worked out some easy solutions for you to play card games from the comfort of your living rooms. No matter what game you play, what level you are in, these games will pull you out of the rug and gives some space to feel better about yourself. Without further ado, let us list out a few card games that you can start playing immediately.

Card Games

How to enjoy card games at Home during this lockdown?

1. Play card games like Rummy with your family

2. Play rummy online in a website

3. Download Rummy Mobile app and start playing.

1. Play Card games with Family

It may not be the best time in your life from the standpoint of profession but it is an opportunity to spend quality time with your family which you were always longing for. Most of us would own a deck of cards in our homes. It’s something that’s omnipresent as an essential in every homes. At these times of social isolation where we find ourselves largely restricted with our family inside our homes, card games can be a great pastime. Card games like rummy, bluff, and Ass are an ideal way to spend time with the family. With so many of us spending time indoors now, it’s the perfect idea for some intense card game action. However, the negative aspect of playing with physical cards is that you may not find enough number of people to enjoy the game.

2. Play rummy online in a website

If you simply want to play card games online, you can easily do so online, as there are plenty of websites offering card games like rummy, poker, and Teen Patti. Now with fantasy sports not being an option as live games are cancelled throughout the world, an increasing number of players are turning their attention towards Online card games like rummy and poker.

Sites like India’s fastest online Rummy platform Deccan Rummy have seen a remarkable spike in the number of registrations. “The number of users increased by atleast 40%” according to the Marketing head from Deccan Rummy. The company is giving a big welcome bonus to all the new registrants with which they can earn upto Rs. 5000. Additionally, there are plenty of bonus offers available for the new players.
Deccan Rummy’s platform hosts multiple rummy variants and has multiple rummy tables at different stakes active throughout the day.

3. Download Rummy Mobile app

If you are someone who enjoys playing card games like rummy on your mobile, then you must download rummy mobile app. No matter whether your device is android run or iOS run, you can find a rummy app compatible for your app. You can always get started with rummy rules and how to play rummy with the help of extensive materials and videos available in most rummy sites.

Unlike other complex games which require high-end graphics and a large space, rummy mobile apps occupy just a fraction of your memory space. With the stark increase in online rummy portals across India, no longer would you need to scout for pals. Just type rummy mobile app in your playstore or Appstore, you can find plenty of options there. While you are out entertaining yourself with millions of gamers across different geographic locations, you also get some real money making opportunities. If you’re onboard with this activities, pick one of them and make this lockdown period entertaining.

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