Hurry! Register for Diwali Dhoom Tourney!

It goes without saying that all tournaments hosted by Deccan Rummy elicit a tremendous response. Diwali Dhoom tourney is just less than 24 hours away. We are eagerly anticipating a cracking battle as the prize amount of Rs. 200000 cash bonus is too hard to resist. Of late, we have seen a spike in the registration for this tournament. We have seen many players very eagerly following the procedures to get the free ticket. It’s always good to be an early bird. If you’d register early, you can easily avoid the last minute fracas which could deal a blow to your chances.

Playing games for real cash is always fun. It makes the game you are playing very interesting and even addictive in somecases. Indian rummy is one of the most popular card games that is purely based on skill. Furthermore, the game is 100% legal to play.

Registering early translates as having a keen interest on the rummy game. So register as early as possible and you will be assured of a shot at Rs 200000 cash bonus prize. Hurry, because there could be limited seats! Some of the players are having difficulties in understanding the registration process. Kindly follow the below steps to register for this spectacular Diwali Dhoom Tournament now.

How to get free tickets for the Diwali Dhoom Tourney?

  • Like/share/review/rate our Fb page
  • Send a private message to our FB page with your DeccanRummy User name/registered email
  • We will credit the ticket within 24 hours after verification
  • Register for the tournament using the free ticket on Oct 22 at 2:30 PM
  • Like, share, review and rating process must be completed before 2:30 PM as the time from 2:30 -3:30PM is allocated solely for registration purposes.

Diwali Dhoom

How to buy the tickets for Diwali Dhoom Tourney?

Players also have an option to buy-in the tickets for Rs.500. Kindly follow the below procedures to complete the purchase

  1. Login to your
  2. Click on DeccanRewards and select View Tickets
  3. Under View tickets, there is a button called Buy Tickets.
  4. Click the button to buy the ticket
  5. Please note that you need to have a withdrawable balance of at least Rs. 500 in your account before starting the purchase.
  6. You can add cash to your account by clicking the Add Cash button and add cash by using any of the above 4 payment options such as cards, Netbanking, UPI and Cash wallets.
  7. After you add cash to the account, you can purchase the ticket by clicking on Buy Ticket button present in View Tickets option under Deccan Rewards.
  8. Do not forget to register for the tournament on Oct 22 at 2:30 with the ticket

Kindly follow any of the two procedures given above to get tickets for this tourney.  This is your best chance to wind up your Diwali Celebrations in style. Hurry! Start getting free tickets for the tourney now!


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