Tips to choose the best online rummy site

To play cash rummy games you need to find the most reliable rummy site where your online transactions are safe. What we would suggest is to look for internet reviews on the best sites to play cash rummy games online. As you check through different sites you will be in a better position to select the best site.

Consider the below factors before selecting the best rummy site suited to your needs

  1. Check the welcome bonus offered by the websites. The welcome bonus is an important role in gaming. There are many sites that offer a 100% welcome bonus. Check what form the bonus is credited. Select the one which you feel will suit your playing style
  2. Check if the site is licensed. Several sites are being issued a license in order to operate. This lends more credibility to the site.
  3. Check if the rummy site has a genuine user base. Popular sites have a strong user base. Check out the active stats of no of registered users, number of concurrent users with that you can analyze the level of competition in the site.
  4. Check if the site is RNG certified. RNG plays a vital role in maintaining randomness during card shuffles. The RNG is mandatory for all sites hosting card games.
  5. A booming online rummy site constantly keeps the users engaged with their promotions. Such sites often announce tailor-made promotions for a different segment of their customer base. Some of the common promotions that you can find in most of the sites are a welcome bonus, refer a friend and freeroll tournaments.
  6. Look if the site is PCI compliant. Check if proper methods and payment systems have integrated into the system to ensure smooth transaction processing.
  7. Customer Support – Players can have an idea about customer service by reading reviews on neutral platforms. It’s important that the site you select has multi-channel support.
  8. Most genuine sites list White papers, Financial reports (If public listed) for the shareholders. This lends an element of authenticity to the website. With this, you can also get to know if the website follows a genuine government taxation policy. Genuine sites deduct a certain percentage of TDS from the players’ winnings as the rule demands any winnings in contests are liable to tax up to 30%

It’s always advisable to follow these checklist points as they let us know the site’s validity and authenticity. As the number of players who choose online rummy has risen astronomically, it’s important to have a framework which lets you choose the best site available!

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