Top 3 Games to Boost you brain power

Today’s generation is ready to spend wholesome time on the web, but is that a productive activity? Apart from the regular work people fail to take up activities to boost their brainpower. There are enormous platforms that people can choose on the digital platform, but people aren’t that cautious about choosing the right option. There are critics on gamers about getting addicted and wasting time.

With several critics around the online gaming industry, people can’t miss out on the real fact that online games can improve gamers’ mental strength. Gaming isn’t just about racing or counter-attack games; there are several genres of gaming. With enormous skill games available, people have a worthy try at the online platform games.
Here are a few online games that can improve your brainpower.

Online Rummy

The game needs no intro; Indians have been celebrating the rummy for over decades. Even though the game has travelled over a long time, online rummy has been ruling the gaming industry presently. Rummy is a perfect skill game that can boost your brainpower. In this game, every player is dealt with 13 cards, and the players are given the objective of melding cards in the form of Sequences and sets. Rummy isn’t hard to learn with several materials such as rummy rules, how to play rummy, rummy skills available in the online rummy sites like Deccan Rummy.
By playing rummy, one gets to improve his/her decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, strategy planning.


Chess is one of the most powerful games played all around the globe. Not just in the offline gaming setup, but the game is a huge hit also in the online platform. The game is played on a piece of black and whiteboard between 2 players. The game stimulates one’s brainpower. Chess improves one’s creativity and problem-solving skills. Be it attacking gameplay or a defensive one; the players got to be so much careful on playing each and every move. Each piece on the board has its own moving pattern. There are certain special moves that one must definitely know.


It is one form of numeric puzzle that is a proven exercise to the human brain. It is indeed a great exercise that everyone must have a try at. The individual has to fill in the empty boxes to complete a pattern of numbers. Playing Sudoku improves ones logical reasoning skills. The game helps one to solve the game in a mathematical way.

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