Top trends in Mobile gaming

2016 would be remembered as the milestone year for the mobile gaming industry. This year, the mobile gaming industry expanded its market size and witnessed a rapid surge in the number of customers. It is projected that mobile gaming industry is going to earn $40 billion USD in the forthcoming year. IHS Markit predicts that consumer spending on games worldwide would break the $100bn mark in 2017 ie at a stupendous growth rate of 6%. It is not uncommon to see youngsters clinging on to their mobile phones playing games continuously for hours together. Mobile games have become an indispensable part of the gaming industry and there is a common consensus that mobile games would eventually beat the console based games in the near future. At this juncture, it is critical we examine the prevalent trends of mobile gaming and the impact it is creating. So, we’ve listed out a few trends that we deem are going to shape the future of the mobile gaming industry:

Increase in the number of mobile games

The mobile game industry is rapidly evolving when compared to the PC gaming industry or Console Gaming industry due to various factors. The most important factor, however, is that it is easily available to download in the Play store and Appstore. There is a good chance that even a customary visit to the google play store will help you find an attractive game that is creating a buzz in the mobile gaming world. So, it comes as no surprise to see millions of game developed exclusively for mobiles. One of the major assets for the mobile games is that the games are compatible with all the mobile devices. Also, the makers of the game are conscious that data usage will be a factor that can impede its popularity so they make their games playable even in offline modes. However, there shouldn’t be any doubt that an Internet connection would make the game play more exciting because of the competitive nature of some games. Also, some games would require you to play in collaboration with multiple players, so an internet connection is mandatory in such cases. There are also exciting leaderboard contests in most of the games so only by playing with an internet connection you would be able to participate in it. The other important aspect contributing to the popularity of mobile games is that the bugs are fixed instantly when reported, unlike console games where bugs will destroy the credibility of the game developer. There is a wide range of games available for the players to choose – From action, adventure games to strategy and no-brainer games. We can authoritatively state that this is the year where the era of mobile games has officially begun.

Cloud Gaming Features

Cloud gaming features is an incredible technological advancement that has skyrocketed the mobile gaming Industry. Cloud gaming is similar to that of cloud services in the computing world. This feature enables your game to be played even in Offline where your offline progress will be saved to the gaming server once you reconnect.  Games such as Candy crush, Angry Birds, Subway surfer and Temple Run are some of the games following this technology. The fact these games enjoy immense popularity right now is because of its offline compatibility. Cloud gaming concept has arrived big time and here is to stay!

Immersive Gaming (Virtual Reality)

Virtual reality is a concept of being present physically in a nonphysical (aka virtual) environment. This virtual reality is considered as the next-big-thing in the gaming industry as it stimulates the innate emotions and feelings inside the user as if he is playing in a real environment. Virtual reality is still in its nascent stages, and makers are only just getting to grips with it. However, there are some exciting VR-based games like Anshar Wars2, Hunters Gate available now that can be enjoyed provided you have a Virtual Reality Headset (colloquially referred as a compact system). VR is an up-and-coming platform which is projected to replace many existing formats of gaming. However, the heartening fact is that the prizes of VR headsets are coming down drastically thus offering even lurkers a chance to buy.

Stress Buster Games

There are many moments in our lives where we wish to take a break from our stress filled work, don’t we? One of the best ways to beat fatigue and stress at work is to engage yourself in an activity that could divert your thoughts and cheer you up. Mobile games have been very helpful when it comes to beating stress. Games such as Temple Run, Angry Birds, Traffic Rider, Candy Crush are some of the popular games that can be brought under the category of stress buster games. These games enjoy a massive popularity among the consumers as these games do not involve any strategy or tactics for playing. Most importantly, these games help us to relieve from the stresses of the outside world and soothes our nerves. These games with their captivating design and feature capture our focus and keep us glued for a long period of time.

Licensed Intellectual Property for games

Licensed IP’s is a process holding the Intellectual property rights of your game and gaming idea behind it. IP’s help you to get complete control over your idea and prevent others from Duplicating or copying. This Licensed IP’s help you to boost your brand identity and substantially increase your revenue and rankings for your game among the consumers. As there is a surge in the number of games with similar theme getting Intellectual Property rights issues are becoming more important than ever. One must remember that getting licensed IP would require deep pockets. Many Indie game developers have recently jumped on this IP bandwagon to avoid conflict and started getting Licensed IP for the games. Building a game and creating a niche is no easy task, a licensed IP with a gaming company bulwark’s backing would become the norm going forward. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Walking Dead: Road to Survival and Marvel Contest of Champions are the most successful Licensed ip games in the mobile industry for the year 2016.

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