Top games for Women gamers!

There’s a misconception on women’s unlikeness towards online gaming. Even though the industry has a majority of participants from the male gender, there is a decent contribution from the female gender. It’s not that women don’t like or love gaming, but they just have to find the game that would fit in. There are a lot of games that could match the needs of a woman gamer. The only setback is that women haven’t explored the gaming industry to the fullest. The industry is bringing in many new elements to welcome many new female participants.

Here’s a batch of online games that could be an opt choice for women to play,

Candy crush

One of the most downloaded games in the Play store, Candy crush is a perfect game for women. It is a record that more than 50% of the download count are female gamers. The game is so simple, but the records are tremendous. Among the present women players, those within the 25-55 mark to be the major composition. The sounding and display specs of the game are much impressive. The game requires the concentration of the player in order to advance through the levels. The game’s main objective is to match three tiles of the same colour; there are many special moves associated with the game. There are many episodes with several levels in each of them.

Online rummy

The game is nothing new to the Indian community. It has been in the Indian environment for decades. More than just a game, rummy has connections with India’s cultural practices. Played by all group of people, the game is now at a never-ending growth phase with its online gaming avatar. All Indian online gamers, at least once in their gaming career, will have tried their hand in the online rummy platform. Engaging gameplay setup along with unrestricted access time are the major features of the game. Women gamers participation is better here than in any other game. Impressive rummy promotions are the trump cards for the online rummy players. Regardless of their profession, the women gamers can choose to play online rummy as they can do both, play time-consuming tournaments to earn huge rewards, or play short time games to earn minimum rewards.

Pokemon Go

Debuted in 2016, Pokemon Go is another record-breaking game on the list. The game partnered with Jio network, which further made marketing easier in the country. The real-life adventure gaming app is quite popular among women gamers. The stats are not just real in India but also in the US; yeah, in 2016 women accounted for more than 60% of gamers’ total number. The game is free to play; it also has in-app purchase options. The game can be played anytime, anywhere. In this game, the player will have to find pokestops that can be spotted in real-life destinations. The user’s smartphone will vibrate when they have any game elements around them. Women can opt for this game as it becomes easy to play when shopping or any other travel schedules.

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