Transition from Rummy clubs to online rummy

Online Rummy Industry is a rapidly growing industry which has made a strong impact in the Indian market.

The rise in popularity of online rummy represents a new generation which prefers an easy and readily available mode of entertainment.

With the unique followers of the game rising rapidly each year, Online rummy is scaling even higher than ever before. In most of the sites offering rummy online, there are multiple tournaments with a huge prize pool allowing players to win big cash easily. While brick-and-mortar model type clubs seems a rarity these days, online rummy game sites are aplenty out there in the market. Players can choose the best rummy site after doing a bit of research and sign up with them.

According to a research by Reliance games, the revenue of the Indian mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $3 billion by 2019. Within the gaming industry, the revenue of card game industry is expected to grow at 100% every quarter. Many sites offering online card games are attracting immense investor interests.

Rummy Clubs

Rummy clubs were the place to play rummy games prior to the advent of online rummy. Many players made immense fortunes playing card games for cash at clubs. Many giant clubs emerged where players were gambling to their heart’s content. To make the gambler feel at home, the organizers arranged snacks, lunch, and even liquor in their clubs. It was quite fun times earlier!

The problem emerged when betting took precedence over skill games. Betting is immoral according to Indian values. There are stringent laws for betting in our country that prohibits casinos to operate first place.

Because of many unsavory incidents in the past, there was a large scale police crackdown and many brick-and-mortar clubs had to shut their houses down. The problem with real clubs is that they failed to curtail the players’ spending habits as they strive on it. Many players borrowed money from money lenders, who lent money at exorbitant interest rates. Because of the unrestrained access, the gamblers pawned everything they have – from vehicles to gold rings. It is impossible to win rummy card games every time as the distribution of cards influences the outcome. In addition, you cannot rule out any nefarious activities happening inside the club. Many times gullible players choose the wrong club and end up in heavy debts.

In online rummy, there is no reason to have such fears. Not only, it is 100% safe and secure, most rummy sites follow Responsible Gaming. It means most rummy sites restrict their players from overspending. Also, because of the other factors like availability of space, portability & security, traditional rummy clubs were unable to stand up to online rummy sites.

Play at Deccan Rummy -100 % legal rummy site

With secure rummy clubs almost at nada, rummy lovers have no option than to choose online rummy. The next step obviously is to find the most legal rummy site. We are about to help you with it.

Deccan Rummy is 100 % legal online rummy site offering some quality rummy games for free and cash. Our goal has always been to offer the safest online rummy experience to all our patrons. We have implemented excellent security measures like – encryption of all player information, Anti-fraud measures, Anti-collusion measures, and deposit/withdrawal limit.

Come & play at for a safe & secure gaming experience.


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