Vaman pockets Galaxy S21 FE 5G winning Diamond Weekly Leaderboard

Weekly leaderboard race has been one of the hallmark contests in your favorite rummy site. Running over several years, this contest has been attracting players from all quarters. With exciting giveaways that included the latest trending smartphones and various other electronic gadgets, the contest has captured the eyeballs of many in the INdian rummy circuit.

Being a high-value proposition, the contest offers players a good chance to win any of these prizes as they are numerous in numbers. Moreover, since they are being conducted every week in multiple levels, players always have an opportunity to clinch the biggie anytime they wish. Additionally, there is also a special tournament scheduled for leaderboard participants. So, it’s a good deal nevertheless!

Several players from all walks of life have participated in this tournament for years and have walked away with the goodies. Winning a leaderboard race is often a special feeling, as you have to overcome the odds for a podium finish.

Weekly leaderboard race offers an exciting platform for cash rummy players to exhibit their skills. Incidentally, it is also one of the most challenging tournament for a rummy player. As the game involves accumulating points over a period of one week, this race has been an ultimate test of grit, patience, and rummy skills. Players who display consistency, has the resolve to win often prevail.

Vaman Wins Diamond Weekly Leaderboard

This Sunday we had a fantastic finish to the weekly leaderboard race. It was a tight race just like any other leaderboard contest. The contest saw some fiery rummy action from players, with everyone of them eyeing for the glory. After a ferocious battle, it was vaman who secured the first place in our Diamond Weekly Leaderboard. For his stupendous efforts, he will receive a Galaxy S21 FE 5G along with a free ticket to 1 LAKH Guaranteed DiamondSpl Tourney. We understand this is the first major win for Vaman, and this being a leaderboard contest must be special. Deccan Rummy team congratulates Vaman for his super awesome efforts to secure this glorious win. We expect this is just the beginning and many other great things are lined up for him to win

Special congratulations to amarhegde and dangerousravi for securing the second and third spot respectively in the Diamond Leaderboard category. For their stunning efforts, they will receive OnePlus 9RT 5G and Google Pixel 5a 5G respectively along with free tickets.

The contest will be on for this week too and many other gifts like Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, Realme 8s 5G, Redmi Note 11T 5G, Noise ColorFit Ultra and cash bonuses are up for grabs in other categories. The race has already begun and players are actively participating in it. So, if you have the thought of winning big prizes, this is your best bet to make the most of it. Join the hunt and go for ultimate glory!

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