Want to become a professional rummy player? Read this!

Here at Deccan Rummy, we’re very often asked by casual rummy players whether it’s possible to make a living by playing 13 cards Classic Indian rummy online. The answer to the question is that it’s most definitely possible, although it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

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It is almost similar to reaching the pinnacle in sports you love or at the office where you work. If you cultivate efficacious habits like resilience, patience, and perseverance, there is 100% possibility of becoming a professional rummy player. There are many genuine rummy players who consider playing rummy as a profession.

To kick-start your journey as a professional player, we are going to present to you a few factors that will push you to become a Pro rummy player.

Practice makes a man perfect

It’s an old saying but nevertheless, it’s gold. There are a few things that never age – wise sayings like these are one among those. Great civilizations weren’t built in a day and Alexander wasn’t referred as Alexander the great almost instantly. We may boast about Sachin Tendulkar being the new Don Bradman of this era but Sachin knows what it took to attain his god-like status. Practice and discipline made Sachin Tendulkar more than luck. See even wizards in cricket are not exempt from that and none symbolizes this more than the god of cricket himself. However, it’s going to take time and you must persist to become a pro. Your professional rummy career should be treated like a new business venture, where you save up enough money to play regularly or have the heart to stomach losses. There is no point in going professional when you are a fledgling rummy player.

Improve your bankroll

When you start a business venture, you try to make your backup finances strong and have sufficient funding to withstand possible losses. Similarly, when you decide to become a professional rummy player, you must have a strong bankroll as a backup. It’s not possible to win every game while playing rummy. It’s very important you have a strong bankroll should you decide to become a professional rummy player. It’s even better if you have your winning amount as a bankroll without having to spend much on deposits. Again this ties in with regular playing, as it’s the only way to build a strong bankroll.

Build a Strong Strategy

Of all the 13 card games, rummy is the easiest to learn and play. However, it doesn’t mean winning is easy whenever you play rummy. Identifying the right combination to declare in a 13 cards Indian Rummy game takes time and perfecting it takes a lot of dedication. As the outcome of a rummy game is reliant on starting hands to some extent, it is important to analyze your starting hands & formulate a strategy based on that. It is important that you stand out from your peers and carve a niche for yourself among the rummy community. An important part of staying ahead of your peers is by gaining an edge over them by mastering rummy strategies. An average rummy player tends to not experiment much and stays complacent after a few victories. If you’re able to kick out complacency and keep identifying new strategies, you’re one step closer to live your dream as a professional rummy player. Maybe a quick read of our article about effective rummy tips & strategies could be a good starting point for you.

Make use of the bonuses

The best way to increase your bankroll in a rummy website is to make use of the rummy promotion and bonuses. At Deccan Rummy we offer a sign-up bonus of Rs. 25, First Deposit bonus up to Rs. 5000, Instant Deposit bonus up to 200 %, Unlimited Refer A Friend Bonus, Bug Bounty Bonus of Rs. 25 and much more. These offers and promotions are specifically designed to improve the online rummy experience. With this many bonuses and promotions available, a budding rummy player has multiple options to build a solid bankroll.

These are some of the possible factors that could drive you to become a professional rummy player. Deccan Rummy is the place where novice becomes experts. With multiple rummy games, tournaments available 24/7, 365 days a year, joining in the fun at Deccan Rummy couldn’t be any easier!

Just to the Deccan Rummy Website, complete the simple registration process and let your journey to becoming a pro begin! Come, We are waiting for you!

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