Ways by Which You Can Avoid Losing in Rummy

Wins and losses are a part and parcel of every skill based game. When you are playing a skill game like rummy, your chances of losing the game is almost equal to your chances of winning. Let’s get this straight, you cannot avoid losses while playing rummy, it is inevitable. You cannot expect the lady luck to smile upon you whenever you are playing online rummy.  There are days where you might be on a losing spree.

You may get frustrated by these losses and think about quitting playing rummy altogether. Don’t get bogged down! We have come up with some suggestions that you can follow when you are losing continuously.

Keep a check on your points constantly

Rummy is all about keeping your points at a minimum. You will have to calculate the points constantly even when you are playing. If you don’t seem to get a pure sequence, chances are that you will end up with a lot of points. So on such occasions, the best option would be to drop the game.

Many people commit the fallacy of continuing the game despite having a very bad hand and hope they can turn it into a good hand in the subsequent rounds. It often goes from bad to worse and they end up with lots of points. On hindsight, they feel they should have dropped out of the game earlier. So it’s better to analyze your hands properly and predict your chances before taking the decision of continuing to play. This applies even if you have jokers in your hand.

Applying the same strategy in every variation/type of game

You have to play each variation of rummy with a different strategy. The strategy employed while playing points rummy (which is the fastest version of rummy) might not be suitable for a variant like pool rummy that allows you to take lots of risks. Even if you are dealt a terrible hand in a game like Pool rummy, you can strut around experimenting with your cards waiting for the right hand to make your sequences/sets. There is a chance to turn the tables on as the game goes on for an infinite number of deals. On the other hand, it becomes important to play safe when you are playing Deals/Points rummy as you could end up with a lot of points as the game ends sooner. So, it is generally advised to drop the game if you get bad hands.

Playing against a professional

You may lose a lot of games while playing with a particular player and it is possible that this player is a pro in online rummy. You may observe this by the strategy he deploys in each and every game ie taking a lot of time to make his move, and not dropping the cards you require.  It is imperative that you mark that player out and avoid the table he is in until you have scaled up to his level. A loss in any game hurts; we are not going to deny that.  But there is no point in seeking revenge against that particular player when you’re not up to his level.

Playing with a distraction

Let us know if you are doing any of the following activities while playing online rummy; do you listen to music? Do you open multiple tabs and flippantly browse? do you munch snacks while playing? If you are doing any of the above, chances are that you might end up losing even if you’re good with strategies. Rummy games require utmost concentration more than anything. It is advised to refrain from multitasking when you are playing online rummy.

It is not easy to always win a game continuously. There are times when things slip out of our hands and it’s important to stay unflustered. Strategy holds the key whenever you are playing a rummy game. You will get to know different hands and different combinations once you play the game for a long duration.

It’s important you consider the above-mentioned points and see to it that these activities do not hamper your winning streak while playing in an online rummy site. Feel free to let us know of any other possible reasons that could impede your progress.

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