Three Ways to beat Work from Home blues

The last few months have been very trying for everyone with the way the whole pandemic event unfurled. While the medical professionals and workers are in the front line acting as warriors in trying to safeguard the rest of the populace, a large of working professionals retreated themselves to home, following a new way of living – Work from Home. WFH or work from home has become the norm and a lot of companies have planned long term schedules for their employees, given the uncertain situations.

Work from home can be both convenient and very taxing at the same time. As we are expected to be available 24*7, it can be very taxing. While the concept of working at our homes gives us more time to spend with our family, we do lose out on social interaction. At times, the alienation and isolation can cause us to lose our motivation and may lead to lethargy and complacency. However, considering the overall positives, we have to look at ways to overcome the WFH blues so that we remain productive.

Work from Home Blues

1. Chalk a daily routine

A healthy daily routine encompassing everything including sleep, eating, exercising, and working is mandatory during these times. Not following a routine may jeopardize your productivity on all counts. Chalk a daily routine in a way that you do not miss out on any other activity. It could be waking up on time doing a bit of exercise and yoga before logging in, incorporating healthy habits like reading and blogging into your routine and following a healthy eating habit. Having a regular routine will help a long way in your career.

2. Proper Dosage of Entertainment

We all need to be away from monitors for a while, as our eyes need some rest and also our brains can only take so much. It is important to have a diversion once in a while to keep ourselves energized. With the endless supply of entertainment in OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or YouTube, it is difficult to keep track of our time. We may lose a lot of hours binge watching an engrossing film.

In order to save time and at the same time keep us entertained, people can try brain training games like Rummy or Poker. Games such as 13 card rummy improves cognitive functions and also allows you to stay focused. On top of that, rummy game can be very rewarding.

You can even participate in many free rummy tournament online and win big without any investment. A lot of employees who are currently working from home have started to play rummy. Sites like Deccan Rummy have seen a 50% surge in new users during this Coronavirus lock down. Why not utilize your breaks into something productive like 13 card Indian rummy than wasting it on mindless entertainments.

3. Social Interaction

Human beings thrive on social interaction. Apart from being just a space, an office provides platform for employees to bond and foster a good social interaction. Though in-person interaction is invaluable, technology has allowed a lot of ways to connect with your colleagues and bring the same working environment alive to your homes. Take full advantage of the connecting tools available and interact with your colleagues every now and then.

Work from home comes with multiple challenges for different people. Following these activities can be incredibly beneficial to employees who are working for home. Limit activities that affect your productivity. Do remember to reach out to friends you haven’t seen a while, relatives or acquaintances every now and then. These are small things which would help you in a big way! Stay connected with everyone and drive out the WFH blues now!

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