Top 4 activities to recharge yourselves in the weekend

The growing demands of the outer world are leaving us completely exhausted. Whether you are working in an office or running a business, there are heavy possibilities that you get burnt out at the end of the week with a tough schedule. We get little time in pursuing your interests with the packed schedule that we are running through every week.


To beat the exhaustion and stress, we need to involve in activities that divert our attention and helps us recharge ourselves. Here are a few activities that you can pursue during your weekends, to recharge yourself and get ready for the subsequent weeks.

How to enjoy a perfect Weekend?

1. Indulge in exercising

One of the main reasons youngsters feel quite burnt out is because of the lack of physical activity. In order to maintain good physical and mental health, exercising is pretty important. While it may not be possible every day given our busy schedule. We can compensate for the same by indulging in workouts during the weekend. Exercising regulates your cortisol levels, also called stress hormone and frees your mind. Exercise increases your dopamine level thereby keeps you happy.

2. Indulge in sports

Remember the yesteryear, where we spent our entire weekends playing outdoor games like cricket, football, and Kabbadi. Happy days, aren’t they?

Rapid urban development has resulted in large scale shrinkage of playing area. However, there’s hope! We do have places to indulge in our favorite childhood sports in designated places which comes with a small charge. Instead of spending huge amounts on restaurants and bars, which not only burns a deep hole in your pockets but also destroys your health, indulge in sports which keeps you in good health.

3. Play Online skill Games

Games that are skill-based give food for your thought. One of the easiest games to relieve you from your stress and increase your cognitive ability is Indian rummy. Nowadays, Indian rummy is available online. Playing rummy online is a test of your analytical and logical skills. It is absolutely legal to play and it’s small on your memory and it is even available in your smartphone in the form of a rummy mobile app. Online Rummy games tap into your happiness and this is what you just need to beat the stress.

4. Enjoy a performance

While listening to music or watching a movie helps in relieving stress but nothing comes close to watching a live performance. Try to catch up on a live concert or stand-up comedy shows that are conducted every Sunday. It’s certainly not a high-class thing as you assume as the ticket prices are nominal compared to what you splurge on restuarants. Also, it gives you an opportunity to socialize with new people.

With these activities, you can say goodbye to stress and boredom. Why not start the weekend on an upbeat way? Indulging in these activities helps you to recharge yourselves. SO, what you are going to do this weekend?

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