Weekend winnings 20% Bonus at DeccanRummy.com – A reminder

It is not for nothing DeccanRummy.com remains as the most preferred destination for online rummy enthusiasts. At Deccan Rummy, we strive continuously to offer our players with fabulous promotions. We periodically host attractive offers and promotions much to the delight of our customers. Additionally, we host exclusive tournaments, mobile-specific promotions and bonus offer with exceptional benefits. With every promotion, we are giving you more reasons to dwell into our rummy games.

You can make your rummy experience memorable and a rich one at DeccanRummy by taking part in all our promotions. Additionally, these bonus amounts are going to give you an impetus to score up your game. Participating in our bonus offers is smart since you’re already paying a small portion of your winnings (in the form of a “service fee or rake”), you might as well make up for it by grabbing these bonuses. Check our promotions page to know more about the latest offers & promotions at DeccanRummy.com

Be honest, who doesn’t like to see their account stacked with cash?

Over the past few months, it’s raining cash here at Deccan Rummy – Make the most of it.


Weekend Winnings @ Deccanrummy.com

The rummy bonus offer is applicable for all the cash rummy players at DeccanRummy.com. The Weekend Winnings offer from Deccan Rummy will run on 22 and 23 of July 2017. You can avail the bonus amount by using entering “RUMMYKING” while making a deposit. We will credit your account with 20% Bonus amount instantly. This offer is applicable only for one of your deposits this weekend. The maximum bonus you can avail during the offer period is Rs. 1000.00. It means the maximum deposit amount for which this bonus amount is eligible is Rs. 5000.00 Any deposits made over Rs. 5000 will attract only the maximum bonus amount of Rs. 1000.00

The Bonus amount will be credited in Points at the rate of Rs. 1 = 10 Points. For example, if you are making a deposit of Rs. 5000 with the bonus code, we will apply the offer instantly and a bonus amount of Rs. 1000 will be credited as 10000 Bonus Points. The bonus point cannot be redeemed directly. As you keep playing cash games, the bonus points will become available for redemption.

 Don’t miss!

Make this weekend special by availing a great bonus with this offer. Head straight to the game lobby and take part in this promotion to win an awesome bonus amount. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait one more week to get the next weekend offer. So, you better hurry and avail it on time!

See you soon at our cash rummy tables!

Please do let us know your feedback about our offers and promotions at support@deccanrummy.com.

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