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Wow! What a fantastic year 2017 had been for online rummy enthusiasts! From awesome bonus giveaways to rousing tournaments to splendid leaderboard contests, it has been one heck of a year. Everyone here at Deccan Rummy wishes all our players a very Happy & prosperous New Year 2018! Let’s get together again and start off 2018 in an exciting way.


The New Year is already upon us and we can’t wait to launch a new set of promotions for our players. DeccanRummy’s leaderboard contests which we are conducting since our inception have created a big impact on the rummy community. The Leaderboard contests spur the players to push more than their ability and foster heavy competition between them. Strong contest and a bevy of opulent rewards are always going to stoke players’ interests.

That’s the reason Players consider these leaderboard contests as one of the best ways to compete against other players here at Who can forget our spectacular leaderboard contests that were hosted at It was very novel at that time and created a buzz within the rummy community with its all-expense-paid trips to places such as Pattaya and Phuket. Apart from the paid-trip prizes, we included other prizes like smartphones, Gold coins, and cash bonuses so that our giveaways become diverse. We’ve been running leaderboard challenge for a while now, and we’ve been asked by the players for a shorter version for it for some time, and we decided to make their wish come true.

Weekly Leaderboard 2018

In what comes across as a spectacular start to this New Year, we are launching the Weekly Leaderboard contest for our players. Short Leaderboards are fun, more competitive and don’t take much toll on the players.

Leaderboard contests makes a grand return in a shorter format to DeccanRummy with a rousing 1.5 lakh guaranteed prize pool. Running on a weekly basis, the weekly leaderboard contest will begin every Sunday at 00.00AM and close the next Saturday at 23:59 PM. Lots of fabulous prizes will be up for grabs. And to keep the contest interesting we would be changing the prizes every week. This is done to ensure we provide players with the latest gadgets that are making rounds in the market. In this week, players have an opportunity to win awesome prizes like iPhones, Cameras, gold coins, and cash bonuses. Sounds really great, right?

In order to feature in the weekly leaderboard, players have to earn generate Deccan Points. A player can generate Loyalty Points by playing cash rummy games. The more games you play the more chance player has to feature on our leaderboard.

As we want to give everyone to have a piece of the cake, we have three weekly leaderboard contests namely Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

LevelsTable value to wager(from)Table value to wager (to)
GoldRs. 10>= Rs.400
PlatinumRs. 500>= 2000
Diamond< Rs. 2000

Weekly Leaderboard winner tournaments

Guess what more? Players not only have an option to win from this leaderboard but also will get a free ticket to participate in 3 splendid rummy tournaments the very next day. You heard it right! There will be 3 tournaments conducted every Sunday for which players who feature in the leaderboard will get free tickets – Golden Special, Platinum Special, and Diamond Special. Players who finish in the top 20 in each of these 3 leaderboard levels get a free ticket to the tourney reserved for that level respectively

The concept of 3 weekly leaderboards is unique. It gives all players an excellent opportunity to compete for some really cool prizes. Deccan Rummy’s Head of Operations ThamaraiKannan added, “Running the leaderboard contest was always an exciting time for us, overseeing thousands of players competing for a solid prize pool. The feedback we received from our players was overwhelming, so what better way to say thank you than to make it more frequent and much shorter; I’m sure players will participate in this weekly leaderboard contest with the same passion and ensure they come out on top”.

Deccan Rummy team once again wishes every player a very happy New Year and we hope we get to see a lot of new players win the contest in the forthcoming weeks. Happy Playing!

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