Weekly Leaderboard giveaways – Redefining the rummy verticals

In today’s world, opportunities don’t wait for any, if you find across anything exciting that’s suited to your taste, you need to reach out to grab it. That’s exactly what the Rummy enthusiasts all over the country are doing whenever Deccan Rummy announces any rummy promotions.

Weekly Leaderboard Contest

Deccan Rummy continues to deliver on its promise of delivering exquisite promotions for Indian rummy players. Started by prolific gamers and game developers, DeccanRummy has always stood apart from the rest by launching one-of-a-kind promotions and unique tournaments. The reason we say Deccan Rummy is so different from other sites can be seen evidently by observing the kind of giveaways that we come up with. From trips to exotic locations to giving away expensive electronic gadgets to real cash bonuses and prizes, our giveaways show how much we care for their players. It’s only because of our unique giveaways and a solid gaming platform that we were able to carve a niche for ourselves.

As the summer is blazing down, the heat is on the race, Deccan Rummy is further adding more heat in the form of exciting offers and promotions. One of the promotions that remained as a constant attraction right from the day, it was launched was the Weekly Leaderboard contest.

Gadgets on Offer!

What seems to have enchanted the users was the array of gadgets that are being away for the winners. It’s been well over 3 months, the promotion has been running so far and several players have immensely benefited out of it by winning those exquisite gifts on offer.

Conducted in three levels, the leaderboard contest presents a magnificent opportunity for the grinders to reap rich rewards for their efforts. Several hot-selling gadgets like iPhone 8, OnePlus5T, MI A1, iPad Pro were given away. One of the galling aspects users found during the earlier leaderboard contest was the long timeframe of the contest. The weekly leaderboard contest ended it.

For an offer to standout among the ubiquitous number of offers, it has to be something unique. Only then will the people develop a liking for it. Much to the delight of the users, the contest seems to have struck a perfect chord with the audience.

Be a part of this weekly leaderboard race

The massive success of the contest owes it largely to the fact that it allows every single player playing on the site have a go at the prize. This week fabulous gifts like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, Lenovo Yoga A12, and many more are up for grabs. All that you have to do is to make every effort by playing cash rummy games to come up on top and go for the perfect finish. DeccanRummy.com has designed a stellar tournament that immediately follows the leaderboard contest. Conducted in 3 levels, the tournament is open free to top 20 players under each category.

With the Indian rummy boom underway, a contest like this perfectly presents an opportunity for you to move up higher in the rummy ladder. Deccan Rummy is on their way to top in rummy vertical of India with their smooth gaming interface, exceptional promotions, & a solid customer service. Rummy enthusiasts from India couldn’t have expected a better contest at this time.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Deccan Rummy and jump into action straightaway.

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