Weekly Leaderboard Contests – Prizes Update

Deccan Rummy has not one or two, but three weekly leaderboards for you to play and feature in every week. And you might know there are lots of cool stuff that come along with these leaderboards. Back when we announced this contest, we mentioned that the prizes for each of the leaderboards will be changing every week. The idea behind this was to ensure that the users get the most trending gadget every week. Weekly contests with fixed prizes become stale at some point in time. It’s incredibly tough to induce ourselves to play then. The contests with dynamic prizes will be the one that is most motivating for the players.


As promised, we have tried to make our giveaways very diverse so that a lot of players benefit out of it. Earn a chance to win a brand new One Plus 5T by climbing to the top in our weekly Diamond leaderboard contest this week. Did you read this right? Yes, this time it’s going to be One Plus 5T for the players who hustle to the top in our diamond leaderboard. And there are other exciting gifts like MiA1, iPhones and cash bonuses that come along as well in the Diamond Section. OnePlus 5T is one of the best phones ever to surface in its price range. Ensure you reach the top of the leaderboard with your rummy skills to grab this awesome device.

Prizes for Leaderboard contests

For the Platinum leaderboard, we’ve changed the top prize to Nikon Cool Pix camera, which is immediately followed by Fitbit Charge HR band as the second prize and a gift voucher worth Rs. 8000 as the third prize. Stand a chance to win any of these gifts by playing in any cash tables that are worth from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000.

Lastly, for the gold category, the winner will get Rs. 5k e-shopping Gift Voucher, the second player will get a slick Amazon Firestick device and the player who ends up in the third place will get a 0.5gm Gold Coin.

Additionally, seven other players get some cool cash bonuses under each category and the top 20 players will be given free tickets to the Leaderboard Special Tournament on Sunday. Players can use these free tickets anytime over the 3 weeks from the date they receive it.

Play more cash rummy games every week to move to the top of the weekly leaderboard contest. Make sure you finish as high as possible in these categories so as to ensure you claim all these awesome prizes

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