Play Weekly Leaderboard Tournaments every Sunday

2017 was filled with some of the most exciting promotions for the Indian rummy enthusiasts here at Deccan Rummy. If the response to our promotions were anything to go by, we have a huge responsibility to fulfill the huge expectations from us. And with the customers solidly behind our back, we think we can pull it off very easily.

Hope you guys are aware of the Weekly Leaderboard contest that we have recently launched on our website. Rummy players on our site have been requesting a short leaderboard contest for some time. Short leaderboards are fun, stirs great competition among the players and comes with exceptional benefits.

Leaderboard Special Rummy

While long leaderboards are great in their own way, most players are exhausted by the end of it.
However, we have no plans to scrap long leaderboard contest completely. We will hold it when the situation warrants.

For the moment, short leaderboard contests are here to stay for some time. One of the important benefits that come along with the leaderboard contest is free entry to the leaderboard special rummy tournament.

Leaderboard Special Rummy Tournament

Just like how Rummy leaderboard contests comes in 3 levels, these rummy leaderboard special tournaments also come in 3 levels – Golden, Platinum, and Diamond. Players who finish in the top 20 of each leaderboard will be getting a free ticket to play in these tourneys. These tourneys will happen on the day after the weekly leaderboard contest ends ie Sunday till now. Additionally, these tourneys are available to play for a buy-in of Rs. 500 as well. The prize pool for their tourneys is equally impressive.

We’ve kicked off the year already in a grand fashion with an impressive set of promotions. January already looks action packed promising much delight for the customers. This leaderboard special tournament looks all set to raise the heat. With so many freerolls and cash tournaments already available, these tournaments appears as a very valuable addition.

If you like to play rummy tournaments, this is an offer that you cannot miss. Being one of the fastest growing Indian rummy sites, DeccanRummy has exponentially increased our user base in the past few years. It all owes to the incredible promotions and offers that we’ve launched so far. With massive offers launched at the start of the year, this is going to be an incredible year to look forward to. The big question is just how much big would it be? Stay connected!

If you are an online rummy player who wants to take part in tournaments with big prize pools, this is the time to do it.

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