What are the similarities and differences between Rummy and Poker

Poker and Rummy are two most popular card games in India. Indian mobile game scene industry is expected to touch $400 million dollars in 2020 and the total number of gamers are estimated to be around 628 million by the end of this year . The major gaming genre fueling the gaming industry these days is the online card games. The rising number of card game sites offering rummy and poker should indicate the popularity of both the games in the Indian market.

Poker is a skill game that involves making of the best 5-card combination from 2 cards dealt to each player and 3 community cards. In a Indian rummy game, each player in a table receive 13 cards and they have to meld it into proper sequences and/or sets.

Rummy game has a rich history in India being a inextricable part of festivals and family gatherings. Poker though a relatively late entrant in the Indian card gaming scene, has gained popularity among the masses quickly. In fact, India is the biggest market for online rummy and is one of the fastest growing market in the online poker industry. The surge in popularity popularity of Poker variants like Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha comes mainly from the young generation in the age bracket 20-35. Playing rummy as well poker offers the to win some money.

Having mentioned that, both the games have a few things common and some glaring differences. In this post, we will list some of them below.

Similarities between Rummy and Poker

1. Both the games are based on skill
2. A minimum of 2 players are required for both the games
3. Players should have solid mathematical and analytical skills
4. Sets and Sequences play a major part in the both the game
5. Starting hands play an important role
6. Dealer plays an important role in both the games. They are the ones kick-starting the game with distribution of cards
7. Players can fold the card anytime
8. Players have to display their hand after declaration in both the games
9. Both the games are available to play over a web browser and a mobile app
10. Both the games offer huge chances for players to make a fortune

Differences between Poker and Rummy

1. The primary difference between poker and rummy is in the game play. In a rummy game 13 cards are dealt to each player whereas in a poker players are dealt a minimum of 2 cards according to the variant.
2. Rummy is fairly easy game to play as the rummy rules are easy to grasp. Poker can be complicated with hand rankings. For newbies, hand rankings can be difficult to master.
3. Betting is the primary aspect in Poker. In rummy, there’s no betting. You only pay a table buy-in.

Both poker and rummy are great skill games which can be fun and thrilling. No matter which game you chose to play, it can be a great opportunity to win real money and also enhance your skills.

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