What role does Responsible Gaming play in rummy?

Because of the overwhelming attraction of rummy, there has been a massive increase in the number of Indian rummy sites. If you are comparatively new to the game, you must do your research before picking the best Indian Rummy site. At DeccanRummy.com, we offer the players with a world-class gaming platform that allows them to enjoy the game perfectly. Our gaming platform is built with HTML 5 advanced graphics which makes it as an intuitive interface ideal for gaming. Because of our strong social media presence, we constantly feel the pulse of the gamers and bring in features suited to their expectations. We understand that the primary goal for a gaming company is to build a safe and secure platform for the gamers to perform financial transactions. That’s the reason we have added latest encryption techniques to ensure users have a safe and secure transaction.

We absolutely make sure that players experience a fair contest all the time. To make sure that our players experience a fair gameplay, we have enforced strict safety measures to maintain the safety and privacy of our players. In the spirit of the game, we practice responsible gaming which means not allowing players less than 18 years to register on our website. We also constantly encourage our players to follow responsible gaming and have reasonable expectations. In the below lines, we have explained what we mean by responsible gaming.

18 years for SignUp

At DeccanRummy.com, we accept players only above 18 years as players. Every person signing up must confirm that they are at least 18 years of age.

Fair Play

We offer, transparent and secure Indian rummy portal for all our customers. We believe in fair play & Fast Pay. Certified RNG has been integrated in our platform to ensure card sequences are not repeated.

Play to your bankroll

We insist our players set a time and budget for every gaming session and not exceed the at any cost. To ensure, they do not overspend, we have a fixed a maximum deposit limit which varies for each player. We also inform through push notifications and through our support channel when the players reach the mark.

Restricted Locations

We are law abiding company. In respect with the Indian laws, we do not allow players from Assam/Odisha and Telangana to play rummy games for cash in our site.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you like to play rummy free or play rummy for cash, Deccan Rummy has you covered both ways. Sign up now to enjoy some amazing rummy action.

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