What’s better to play online games – Android or iPhone?

Have you ever thought about the difference in gaming experience in Android and macOS platform? It is not that one platform is better than the other; it’s about how the experience differs. It’s about the various factors that revolve around the user’s experience in both the OS platforms. Over the last decade, the impact of the mobile phone, regardless of the OS, has left a huge impact. Mobile phones have proved to be more portable and provide comparatively better specifications.

The comparison between the two OS platforms started in 2007 when the very first iPhone was launched.

Gaming – Android and iOS

Game launch

Several gamer developers prefer releasing their games in the Apple store before launching in the Google play store. There’s a lot of advantage on such launches. When it comes to Mac OS, there may be different versions of the software, but there are only two devices (iPhone and iPad). Whereas, when it comes to the android section, there are more models in thousands; hence adaptability of the app needs a lot of scope. The cost will be higher relatively when compared to the Mac OS launch. It is believed that the app users in the Mac OS users invest more money compared to the Android users. With the developers looking to make huge revenues, they preferably chose to launch in the Mac OS naturally.

If you are a player who is looking to play the game as soon as it is launched, you should opt to buy an iPhone. You are going to enjoy gaming even before the Android users.


Mac OS users will remember the announcement Apple made in 2016. The company made an important update regarding removing all the outdated software in order to focus on the quality of gaming rather than the quantity of gaming. At the same time, Google has all apps regardless of any kind of specific check-in points. There’s a stat that the number of games available in the Mac OS platform is decreasing, and the games in the android platform are increasing consistently. Some developers make full efforts to make sure their players do not feel the difference in accessing the game on both platforms. There are prime game collections on both platforms. There is a very slight difference in the gaming experience with the Mac OS platform scoring extra marks; that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in the android section.

Game list updates

iPhone users will receive regular updates in the games accessible for them. The Apple company could suddenly remove your favourite game from their support list. This happens regularly as the company regularly checks on the service they provide their customers. It doesn’t happen at the Google store until and unless there is a legal issue with respect to the tropics. Players can enjoy the relief that their favourite online gaming apps will be available all time.

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