Where Online Rummy has an edge over offline rummy?

Rummy is equated with celebrations in India. Even though the country has various traditions, languages, and practices regarding celebrations, the choice of entertainment is the same everywhere – Rummy. The game does not appeal to just a specific age category; people of all age categories enjoy the game. Indians have shown immense love for the game for ages now. Now with the availability of the game in digitalised format, the game’s popularity has grown massively.

Online Rummy has broken all barriers and are accessible to different segments of the society. People from all walks of life come to the online rummy platforms to enjoy the game. Let’s look at the main advantages of the online platform over the offline practices, 

Global competition

Competing with a global audience in games is now a reality, thanks to technological developments. One can play with rummy lovers across different geographical locations. During the corona pandemic lockdown, people were confined to their homes largely. Just imagine if we had no online games such as rummy, spending time would have been impossible. With platforms such as Deccan Rummy, you can always find players to compete against. So, you need not wait painstakingly long for real players. You can enjoy the game 24/7 anytime you wish. 

Platform Accessibility

All you need is a device to play the game along with a fairly good internet connection. Be it a desktop, laptop, PC, tablets; you can play the game on any compatible devices. The individual can opt to play the game on the site or even download the online rummy app and enjoy the game on the move. Online Rummy isn’t just limited to android users; the game is also available on the iOS platform. The intuitive gaming interface recreates a casino experience. 


While playing offline, there is room for people to cheat. There is no grounds for any malpractice in online Rummy. Some common errors like favoritism in card distribution, miscalculation of points are eliminated while playing online. Sites like Deccan Rummy have gone lengths to ensure fairplay. With technologies such as RNG, which ensures random and non-repetitive distribution of cards, everyone starts the game on an equal foot. The fraud detection algorithm integrated catches any malpractice instantly and swift action is taken. Payments can be made with the help of secured payment gateways using multiple payment methods.  

Rummy Variants 

A gamer can choose to play the 2 player or 6 player tables. People can play cash games, free games, leaderboard, tournaments. In the online platform, players can access all 3 variants of the 13-card Indian Rummy, including Points, deals and pool rummy. Play the variants according to your convenience. You can login at your comfortable timing, there will be thousand other players waiting for you at one of the several tables available under these rummy variants. Additionally, if you are looking for intense competition, you can always join our rummy tournaments available throughout the day. 


Playing Rummy online is one of the easiest entertainment options available to gamers. And why wouldn’t they as it’s fun and rewarding, and moreover, they are instantly accessible. It is the main reason as to why the popularity of online rummy is soaring compared to its bigger brother offline rummy. 

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