Why being novice is advantageous while playing rummy!

Rummy game continues to be enjoyed by players cutting across various barriers. How many games that players from different age groups and all walks of life continue to enjoy? With the advent of online rummy sites, we have seen a prolific rise in the number of players playing rummy game online. With a site like Deccan Rummy, that has a platform that almost resembles a casino and a host of offers and promotions, the job becomes very easy for the players.

One of the main myths that is being circulated is that new players have it hard to succeed against the seasoned ones. In this article, we shall see the kinds of advantages you have as a new player

  1. UnFamiliarity

Seasoned rummy players often prefer to play against each other or atleast they end up playing against each other given their preferences for stakes and game type. They are pretty much aware of eachother’s gameplay and more often than not must have figured a way out to tackle each other given the number of times they’ve faced off against each other.

Imagine as a new player if you happen to cross their path, not only would they be surprised but would not have the faintest idea about your game play. It may very well work out to your advantage. As you fess up the things with your mere presence, you can hope on the player’s jitteriness to work to your advantage. If you are good with the rules, you can easily tackle them.

  1. Nothing to lose

Chances are very unlikely that you are going to invest on big stakes during the initial stages of your rummy career. So, there’s not much to lose to really. You can invest on the stakes that suits your budget and try out different combinations and fix your gaming style.

  1. You are here to improve

Hoping to earn massive fortunes in your very first game is something very impossible. It’s a process, like a chain of reactions. Apart from earning fortunes, you learn new skills that can be applied every day. Improved memory, confident decision making, good observational skills are something that comes along like a package. You stature grows along with few wins. Respect is something that you earn. It’s well on the way once you score big wins over big game players.

So forget all worries about being a novice in the rummy online ecosystem. Haven’t we all read about the famous David vs Goliath battle. It’s only the confidence that matters more than anything else


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