Why is Deccan Rummy celebrated in India?

Card games have a special bonding in every Indian’s cultural life. Cards games hold a historic partnership with the Indian lifestyle across centuries. Be it marriage, festival, and any family get-together; people rejoice the moment. The best and most famous of them is “Rummy”. Brought into India by the Mughals, Rummy has an X-factor of surprising players every second.

Rise of Online Rummy

Every aspect of living has changed. The boom in the online gaming market is a well-known fact. When it comes to Rummy, of course, there is a radical development in the form of online Rummy. Online Rummy has made the game of Rummy available for every individual in India. The last decade has seen a tremendous rise of Online Rummy. It is a big industry with players from all across the country.

Online Rummy is an excellent treat for Rummy enthusiasts- many play the game as a profession. The game is not just entertainment but also a great platform to earn money!

Online Rummy is the same as the traditional rummy setup. But online Rummy has the upper hand among the two. An individual gets to play against a wide range of players. Players from different geographic locations compete to play for Cash. The Cash amount is bigger and better than you think!!

There are numerous online rummy hosts, whereas only a few are making it the best for players. One among them is Deccan Rummy!!!

Deccan Rummy is one of the fastest-growing Online Rummy portals. The host has many promising features helping players love the game as well as the host. It charges the lowest rake fee in the country.

Deccan Rummy Promotions

They present their players with a bag full of astonishing offers and rummy promotions. One among their mind-blowing offers is the “Refer a Friend” promotion. This promotion is a life-time benefiting promotion. When a player invites a new player to Deccan Rummy, then the invitee wins 10% of the referral’s winning amount throughout life.

Players get to enjoy real cash bonus every day with the “Daily Deposit” Bonus. A player’s first deposit at the hub is made worthy with the “Welcome Bonus” that can fetch you a 100% bonus up to Rs 5000.

Monthly bonus, Happy Hours, Deccan Rewards and, Surprise Cash Whopper- to enjoy playing at Deccan Rummy

When it comes to Rummy tournaments– Deccan Rummy is worth appreciation. They host a wide range of tournaments throughout the day. The tournaments include both free and cash tournaments. You know something; Deccan Rummy has a vast collection of tournaments that you can spend an entire day participating in them. You can win Gold coins for free. Yes, not just this, but you have many to enjoy playing Online Rummy. When it comes to the biggest of online Rummy- leaderboard contest, Deccan Rummy is the best in hosting them.

A Leaderboard contest is always special at the site. Deccan Rummy hosts a leaderboard contest every week and also on all special occasions. Leaderboard contests are a treasure of rich gifts. Winning here can turn you a Millionaire. Recently Deccan Rummy hosted The New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0. It carried prizes worth 2 Crores. It includes BMW X3, Mercedes Benz, and many more astonishing rewards.

Features of Deccan Rummy

Here’s a list of the features of Deccan Rummy:

  1. Safe and Secure
  2. Easy Withdrawal
  3. Big Rewards
  4. Seamless gaming experience
  5. Lowest Rake fee
  6. Best user interface

When you have features like this, who would stop playing at Deccan Rummy?

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