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Weekly Leaderboard

As you might be knowing our weekly leaderboard contest is up and running for quite some time. Many players are participating in it actively all these weeks ever since its launch. After all who wouldn’t want to prove their mettle and race ahead of their competitors? If you’re looking for a bit more competition when playing your favorite online rummy game, you’re in great company! A weekly leaderboard contest with an amazing giveaway is probably irresistible for a rummy player. Here players can compete weekly against one another in a race to lead the leaderboards to win stunning gifts like iPad Pro and many others.

Since we thought every player should have a chance to win something; we have been conducting the race in 3 levels – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The contest was designed in a way that every player had something to win. Over the past few weeks, several players have won the contest more than once. We have given away several spectacular gifts that the users would love to buy. From smartphones like iPhones, OnePlus5t, Honour7X, MiAl, MiNote5 Pro to cameras like Nikon Coolpix, Sony Cyber-shot to gadgets like Bluetooth Speaker and Amazon Firestick, our giveaways were diverse and most importantly, we have been offering things that are in demand.

The gadget that everyone prefers these days can now be yours for free by joining our latest promotions. Forget spending huge amounts on buying latest smartphones and gadgets, just be a part of the amazing race and get to win big!

Weekly Leaderboard Contest Platinum


Weekly Leaderboard Contest Winners

Here’s a list of players who have won the leaderboard contests so far. The action was at fever-pitch levels in all the leaderboard contests that have concluded so far. With pressure mounting to hit the top position, the race was extremely competitive in every way we have imagined.

WeekWinner of Diamond LeaderboardPlatinum Leaderboard WinnerWinner of Gold Leaderboard
1st weeksreejithktrrajkumar6021reddysjr
2nd weeksreejithktrrajkumar6021manojkadiri
3rd weektechno1985prasad800giri29
4th weekjaya515francis123giri29
5th weektechno1985raghuvaran1947daniel80158
6th weeknedumarandevashok98900manojkadiri
7th weeksagar7799rocky1329manojkadiri
8th weekstarjoshraghunathdaniel80158
9th weekraaj_0012sanabhiasaorama
10th weekraghuvaran1947starjoshmanojkadiri
11th weeksreejithktrstarjoshkalidaskira

Notice there are players who have won the contest more than once With cash bonus too available with the giveaways, featuring in multiple leaderboards is not an issue anymore. Would you want to feature in that enviable list? All you’ve got to do is to keep increasing your loyalty points by playing 13 card rummy cash games in our site.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the current set of prizes, we are extending the current set of prizes for one more week. You may wonder what’s about the prizes that make the players go gaga over it. The answer would be that every prize that comes along this weekly leaderboard contest has a huge demand on the outside. So don’t miss out a free chance to get your hands on some of the most awesome gadgets you would ever get. The race starts this Sunday and ends on Mar 31 at 23:59 PM.

iPad Pro & lot more up for grabs

A glimpse of the gifts to be given away:

iPad Pro – Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5 is one of the most preferred tablet at the moment, boasting incredible performance and an exceptional user experience in iOS 11. Just top the Diamond weekly leaderboard and grab hold of this hot-selling device.

iPhone7 – iPhone 7 continues to be a solid iPhone option despite iPhone X creating a buzz these days.  You can win Apple’s first water resistant phone if you end up in the second position of our leaderboard

Apple Watchs3 – Wouldn’t a brand new Apple Watch Series 3 appear stunning on your wrist? Don’t worry if you couldn’t grab the top 2 prizes, there’s this beautiful watch that you can win if you end up in the third

OnePlus5T – Finish on top of the Platinum Leaderboard and grab hold of this latest sensation in the mobile arena. Just play cash rummy games on tables valued from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 & climb to the top to win this gorgeous device.

MiNote5Pro – The phone is selling like hot cakes. Grab a chance to win it by finishing second in our Weekly Platinum leaderboard. Imagine getting your hands on the phone that everyone’s dying to have! Does it get any bigger than this?

Play cash rummy games and break into the leaderboard, who knows you could be the next one to win any of these awesome prizes. In the event, you do not have an account with us yet, register now for free to have your chance. DeccanRummy boasts one of the best welcome packages available in India. So, try it out and get rewarded!

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