Mayurget – the winner of New Year Diamond Leaderboard Race

It’s been a Wow year for Deccan Rummy with super value offers and promotions. Starting off with the weekly leaderboard contest which was warmly received by the players to our high-value promotions, it’s been a year to remember. We always envisioned our New Year leaderboard giveaways to be gigantic and a one to remember. Deccan Rummy’s tryst with New Year offers needs no introduction – we have organized some amazing promotions in the past with VIP Trips to Phuket and Pattaya as giveaways.

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

New Year Leaderboard contests have always provided a great platform for players to establish a name for themselves along with an opportunity to win something so memorable that they could carry on for their rest of their lives. Keeping that in mind, we announced “Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special” with some amazing giveaways. The highlight of the leaderboard was a whopping 1 crore prizepool. To ensure all players get a share of prize, we made the contest open to players across all the 3 leaderboards – Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. The purpose of the contest was to make the players more consistent.

It was a treat for the Players who were waiting for such a big extravaganza for the year end. Players are not going to let go of the opportunity to win life changing prizes and a place in the record books at the comfort of their living rooms. Normally New Year leaderboard contests at Deccan Rummy are action packed with different players across the country from a wide breadth of sites jumping into the fray to take a shot.

Solid Action

The action was fierce right from the first week. Just like all the leaderboard contests, this one too proved to be a test of skill and endurance. The contest was ideal to the players who were grinders. With jaw-dropping prizes up for grabs, the action packed leaderboard contest saw changes in the position every week across all the levels. This comes as no surprise as the momentum swings back and forth between a set of players taking the contest seriously. It takes immense skills, patience, and endurance to position oneself in a contest like this. Judging by the numbers that hit our cash tables, we can proudly say that the contest created a stir within the online rummy community.  Getting so many players under one common platform and make vye for the topspot, we have outdone ourselves when compared to last year which saw a tight contest.

Diamond Leaderboard winner Mayurget

Beating all the odds, Maryurget from the diamond leaderboard managed to top the Diamond leaderboard for three weeks. Also, remarkable was the fact that he managed to feature in all the five weeks of the New Year diamond leaderboard race. He was well on his way for a clean sweep if not for the slight hiccup in the week 3 and 4. But he still managed to feature in those leaderboards which shows his brilliance. It wasn’t too long since he managed to get back to No 1 position in the fifth and final week which shows his resilience. The resolve that he showed throughout the race is admirable. For his stellar effort winning the contest 3 out of 5 times, we would be presenting him with a brand new Innova Crysta in an event very soon.

Congratulations Mayurget! This was a solid performance and you deserved it! By winning this New Year Diamond leaderboard contest, you have made a name for yourself in the fast growing online rummy community. The success of players like Mayurget shows that restores faith in the age old adage that hard work and commitment will see the light one day.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every player who participated in the race. Some of you fought valiantly but couldn’t make the cut, Don’t worry! There are so many contests similar to this waiting for you! Do participate in all the contest and you may very well end up winning one sooner than what you imagine.

Stay tuned for exciting rummy action

Deccan Rummy wishes happy New Year to all our players. We promise to ignite you, delight you, and electrify you with thunderous promotions in the future. Keep grinding more!

Credited as the fastest rummy site in India, Deccan Rummy has set a benchmark in the rummy industry. Launched 3 years back, the site has pulled off some amazing things for the game as a whole and for the players. As a result, we are brimming with close to a million players now. It’s some landmark that we reached earlier than what we expected. Want to be part of our exciting rummy online community? Just register for free and jump into action now!

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