Winner Speak – Techno1985 from the New Year Leaderboard contest

The recently concluded New Year Leaderboard just proved that our players are not afraid to put that extra effort to get what they want. Rummy Leaderboards contests are all about fame and fortune! Not only would you get that reputation but also an incredible reward for your patience and hard work.


As a company, we prefer strong competition for the grand rewards we are offering, and most importantly, gaming in the right spirit. The New Year Leaderboard contest just opened the doors to some serious rummy action. A lot of players in the quest to hustle to the top to win the coveted trip were involved in a long gaming session. At no point in time, there was any slack while gaming.

If you have got the skill, confidence, and a real passion for the game, you can easily climb to the top in our leaderboard contest. That’s exactly what our winners have done. In this grueling contest that was a strength of toughness and resolve, 15 players stood out with their remarkable gameplay. We congratulate each and every one of them for their scintillating gameplay. We would also like to thank players who couldn’t feature in the list this time. You guys need to have no shame in losing. After all, you lost it to your betters. Your wish to attain fame and glory is not far away.

Techno1985 was the BIG winner and won the first prize in this contest i.e. An All-expense paid trip to Pattaya, as well as a brand new iPhone 8 64 GB. Shakunt who gave him a tough fight till the end had to settle for the second spot and Mr. Consistent Suni28 finished off in the third position. All these players will be paid for their positions.

Dreams do come true on Deccan Rummy and Techno1985 will be added as one more deserving winner in our long list of champions. Here’s what Techno1985 and other winners in the leaderboard had to say about playing at DeccanRummy.

Winners Speak – Techno1985


When contacted by Deccan Rummy staff to talk about his victory, this is what Techno1985 had to say – “Really enjoyed playing with all expert players out there. Both the desktop and app version is amazing and user-friendly which made me play frequently on the site. Glad to receive the prize as the winner. Hoping for similar events in future. Good luck to all the other players”. We are expecting you as well Mr. Techno1985! Your honest and flawless gaming has won this reward for you. We look forward to seeing you win many other contests in the near future. We believe you have it in you to win a lot more than this in the future.

Here’s what other leaderboard winners had to say:

Rahas37 (fourth place winner) – It was a wonderful experience playing with Deccanrummy.

Ramuboya (eight place) – Its a simple and trustworthy online game. Really loved playing with the app.

Sunitha123 (12th place) – has left no stone unturned when it comes to announcing wonderful rummy offers, tournaments and other promotions. We hope all our offers find flavor with our players and they continue to enjoy their favorite 13 card rummy here with us. Don’t worry about the prizes and other goodies – they will always be there.

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