Winners of Mega Diwali Dhoom

Last Sunday,’s Mega Diwali Dhoom Tournament saw 460 players competing for the coveted prize money of Rs. 200000. After a few hours of solid rummy action, Hemantbhoye emerged as the winner of this tournament.

With an immense love & passion for the game, we saw players registering for this tournament in huge numbers. The reason we planned the tournament not on Diwali day but a few days after Diwali was that we felt this tournament shouldn’t interfere with their Diwali celebrations. At the same time, players must play this tournament with the spirit of this festival.

Free tickets are a boon for this kind of tournaments. Lots of players availed free tickets for this tournament. All they had to do know was Like/Share/Review/Rate our Facebook page and send us a private message to get a free ticket. Players also had an option to buy the ticket of Rs. 500. Not surprisingly, most of the players opted to go for the free ticket. Our team had to go through some tough times as a massive number of players registered on the last day. But whatever hardships we had to go through pales out in front of the commitment we made to make our site the best online rummy website out there.

The tournament was gripping from start to finish. Several players walked away with huge cash bonus prizes while the remaining had a great time chasing the prize money of Rs. 200000. We, at, hope that all of you had an awesome Diwali and hopefully walk away richer!

Congrats Mega Diwali Dhoom Winners!

Mega Diwali Dhoom wishes all the winners our hearty congratulations and commiserations to all those couldn’t win this tournament this time. likes to thank every player who participated in this tourney from the bottom of our hearts. Without your interest, the tournament would’t have been such a roaring success.

We have planned a lot of events for the upcoming festivities. We request every one of you to participate in those events and make it a grand success.

If you missed this Mega Diwali Dhoom, do not worry! There will be a lot of other freeroll and ticket based rummy tournaments in the near future where you can play and win huge cash prizes. is always the go-to destination for online rummy. If you’re someone with a genuine interest in the game and wanting to make money, you couldn’t find a better place than

Apart from the regular freeroll rummy tournaments that is worth more than Rs. 4.3 Lakhs per months, DeccanRummy conducts special tournaments like Mega Diwali Dhoom on all festival occasions. These special tournaments come with a huge prize pool and open to more rummy enthusiasts than the normal freeroll tournaments.

Check our Promotions page to know the current promotions at DeccanRummy. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google + to get instant updates about all our offer and promotions.

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