Winners of Monsoon Thunders Tournament’s Monsoon Thunders tournament concluded in an emphatic way with better competition all the way and sumptuous cash prizes. The whole tournament was gripping from the start to finish. With over Rs. 50000 up for grabs spread over a period of 5 days, the tournaments witnessed more than 3000 players fighting it out for the coveted cash prizes.

Playing rummy for cash is nothing new. The massive turnout to Monsoon thunders was always expected as the tournament was freeroll and most importantly it came with a prizepool of Rs. 50000 cash bonus. As a result, players stormed in huge numbers and made this tournament a grand affair.

To win such a tournament amidst such a heavy competition is no ordinary feat, it deserves a special applause. So, without further ado, we present to you the winners of the Monsoon thunders tournament:

Monsoon Thunders

DateWinner Name
Oct 26Scarlet
Oct 27Prabin74
Oct 28Grimmy
Oc 29Priya29
Oct 30Skaranbir7

We extend our warmest congratulations to all the winners of this tournament. And to those whose who couldn’t make the cut this time, do not lose hope! A lot of exciting offers and tournaments are coming your way. Keep calm and knock it over!

The most fascinating aspect of rummy online tournaments is that even normally docile guy automatically goes into bragging rights mode once he wins the game. It is perhaps the competitive nature of our rummy tournaments that’s making him/her lose their inhibitions and shatter all preconceived notions. With the chat feature assistance, players who are introverted by nature can use them to break the ice. Only when you come out of the shell, you can make it big in these kinds of tournament.

We would like to congratulate all the participants from the bottom of our hearts for their continuous interest in the game and the warm patronage they offer us continuously.

Gear up for many other stunning promotions

A lot of breathtaking offers and tournaments are heading your way as we approach the yearend. Similar to the last year, gear up for an exciting leaderboard contest with a trip to an exotic location for the winners. Additionally, we have also planned tournaments with a much bigger prizepool. Seize these opportunities to boost your bankroll and carve a niche for yourself in the rummy community sooner.

All you have to do to is to sharpen your rummy skills and participate in our online rummy tournaments daily. There is every chance in the world that you can win it someday sooner than later. See you again with yet another stunning rummy offer shortly.

Have any more questions? Just drop us an email to or contact our 24*7 chat support to get your queries instantly resolved.

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