Winners of Phuket Gala

After a gruelling 50 days in our Phuket gala contest, 15 rummy stars have successfully emerged as the winners. We had been drumbeating the details about this contest vociferously on the social media as more people could benefit out of it.

The action-packed contest was very lively and exciting right from the beginning and became extremely competitive with the time. There were multiple changes in the leaderboard over the course of time and it was extremely intriguing to see who’s going to win the race. The biggest reason behind the huge success of this promotion was the stunning prizes this contest offered – Phuket trip, iPhones, iPod Touch, Gift Vouchers and Cash prizes. Who wouldn’t be aroused when such gifts are offered? Not surprisingly, many freeroll rummy players turned to cash games as everyone wanted their share of the prize. Now here we are at the end of this tournament; it’s time to reveal the winners.


  1. Suni28 – Trip to phuket + Free ticket to Khelo365 VIP Party + iPhone 7 Silver 32 GB
  2. vkshady – Trip to phuket + Free ticket to Khelo365 VIP Party + iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB
  3. farhan – Trip to phuket + Free ticket to Khelo365 VIP Party + iPhone 6 16 GB
  4. pr1ya –  iPhone 5s 16 GB
  5. karunabi – iPod Touch 16 GB
  6. rocky1329 – 10k Worth Gift Voucher
  7. manjupuv – 8k Worth Gift Voucher
  8. guruksk – 6k Worth Gift Voucher
  9. karsun81 – 4k Worth Gift Voucher
  10. lokesh – 2k Worth Gift Voucher
  11. vinayy20 – Rs. 1000 bonus
  12. sughosh   – Rs. 1000 bonus
  13. rishav      – Rs. 1000 bonus
  14. nrayyar – Rs. 1000 bonus
  15. kathira1982 – Rs. 1000 bonus

Congrats to Suni28, vkshady, and Farhan on winning the top 3 prizes. Special thanks to the rest of the winners who made us proud. As promised, you guys will be taken to Phuket where you are going to get a new definition of what the word “Fun” really means. From royal cuisines prepared by internationally renowned chefs to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like scuba diving, Yacht cruise, zorbing and karting to shaking your legs along with beautiful girls at Khelo365 VIP Party – you are going to get them all for FREE. We’ve named the theme of this whole trip “I will survive” which is a suitable description of the energy you need to match the vibrancy of Phuket. Be prepared for this action-packed trip that delivers on the promised thrilling fun! Start packing your bags and do not forget to load high energy and enthusiasm along with it as you would need it in high dosages. As for the other players, you will be getting iPhones, iPod Touch, Gift Vouchers and Cash prizes as promised.

Congratulations to all the players who participated in this wonderful race! We thank you all for participating and we wish you good luck in all our future tournaments! As for the players who missed out, don’t worry! There are many other offers coming up exclusively for you.

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