Working From Home? Here are apps to assist you

Working from home? These are extraordinary times where we are largely confined to our homes. Now most of us are working from home online. Working from home is a new experience for most of us. While new COVID-19 cases to ravage the country, the best way to avoid the covid contraction, is stay home and follow clean hygiene habits.

While the regular way of working would take some time to resume, it is time to make the most of work from home option effectively. We’ve given a few recommendations which will help you with work from home option.

Effective Apps for Working From Home

1. Scheduling Apps

It is natural to go wayward with our schedule during these times. Apps can help you organize things like scheduling a meeting to trips. Luckily today’s Androids ecosystem has apps that helps in organizing different areas of your life. Apps like Todoist, Trello, and Google Assistant can help you organizing things.

2. Team Communication apps

Communicating with your team members is very important while working from home. Effective communication helps you keep in touch with your team mates and ensure workflow does not get affected. While nothing can compensate the physical interaction, apps like slack, zoom, and hangouts have reputation of ensuring great communication.

3. Gaming Apps

Online games have emerged as the leading entertainment option during this lockdown. In India, app games like Ludo king, online rummy, and poker have topped the charts in terms of downloads. India is the fifth largest gaming market in the world and more than 40% of population are expected to be playing games from their mobile apps. With games like PubG which revolutionized gaming industry banned, the attention has turned towards skill games like Rummy.

The availability of rummy apps on both Android and iOS make it easy convenient to play it on the go. Additionally, you also have a chance to some super cool prizes playing games like Classic rummy and poker online.

4. Exercise apps

It is important we maintain good physical health during these tough times. Because of the stress of being confined at home, many people are bound to overeat. Poor eating habits combined with not exercising results in lots of health complications. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a workout regime to keep you physically fit. Research indicates there is direct correlation between your physical and mental health. So make a move to shed those extra kilos you’ve put in during these lockdowns.

To help you, there are apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Runtastic available that can help you maintain a good exercise routine. However, you need consistency and discipline in sticking to the routine to reap the full benefits of these apps.

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