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The day has come finally! The biggest blockbuster T20 event is about to begin in few minutes. A new season is all ready, and all the teams in the tournament have equal chances of winning the crown. The game is huge; the tournament is huge, the challenge is huge, of course, the players are huge! The tournament is back again in India. Cricket fans are waiting for a great feast!

There are many youngsters looking to create a huge impact in the tournament. With a major ICC tournament on the annual calendar after this T20 tournament.

The opener is a super rocking one with two-star teams clashing against each other. Both the teams have key players of the Indian National cricket. Being the tournament opener, both teams will look to start the season with a win. Let’s wait and how the game is going to move on,

Team Bangalore

The team that has all the necessary elements but still looking for a trophy. The team has superstars of global cricket, creating a lot of expectations. Bangalore captain’s performance all these years deserve to be the season’s champion all years. The captain will look to bundle up all talents to be at the top of the tournament. The South African superstar will look to dominate the game with his 360-degree game style.

Team Bangalore made major picks during an auction a few months ago. The Australian all-rounder will look to make a huge impact in the team, and he could turn to be a major reason for the team’s victory in the tournament. Bangalore’s bowling unit would be under pressure as this unit has let the team down in many major matches. This season could be a great opportunity for the Indian Leg break bowler to redefine his game. The captain would look to use the Tamil Nadu based all-rounder well as he has grown to be a different player in the last 10 months. He would be definitely a go-to weapon for the team during powerplay overs.

Team Mumbai

Like Bangalore, the team has a lot of superstars in their lineup. Unlike Bangalore, Mumbai has a line of trophies in their trophy cabin. The biggest reason behind the team’s success is their squad selection. Even if a main player in the playing 11 gets injured, they have a star player as a backup to sum up, the equation. The captain has been one of their keys to success. The hitman will look to hit it further this season. He has a good number of impactful all-rounders in their bench of players that make the team have a better edge in team strength than the opponent. The West Indian all-rounder will look to perform many anchor innings, which he has been his routine.

The team will look to make it a hattrick for which they are 100% efficient.

Wishes from us to both teams to play their real game!

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