Why youngsters like to play online rummy

Online rummy is consistently transcending barriers and reaching new heights every day. What started off as an experiment on a minimal scale has grown on to epic proportions and is sweeping away game enthusiasts everyday with its incredible game play. Though the game of rummy can be enjoyed by people belonging to any age group, we’ve noticed that youngsters (aged 20-35) are more attracted to the game in particular. This comes as a surprise as youngsters are normally attracted to action oriented games like GTA, Battlefield, and Call of Duty etc.  So we started exploring some reasons behind this strange phenomenon and we have come up with some solid reasons why Indian youngsters are going gaga over a game like online rummy.

  1. FREE –In a third world country like India, many youngsters cannot afford to play action games that require them to buy video game consoles. Online Rummy is free to play in all the rummy sites in India which allows the player to participate without worrying about the deposit. Since Indians are frugal by nature, free rummy sites are a blessing in disguise
  2. Fast – Youngsters prefer a game to be fast and decisive. People no longer have the time or energy to sit in front of the system to play the game for hours together. Unlike skill games like Chess that goes on for hours, the game of rummy lasts only for a few minutes. A dream hand could even finish the game in the first hand. A 500 player tournament hardly takes an hour to complete.  Perhaps this ridiculous fastness of rummy is one of the main reasons why it appeals the most to youngsters. Playing online rummy gives them action packed entertainment in addition to the work given for their brain cells. So, it is not unusual to see rummy players playing multiple rummy games in a day
  3. Challenging – Who doesn’t like a challenge? True to the saying “Don’t limit the challenges, challenge the limit”, today’s youngsters don’t shy away from a challenge. In fact, a challenge stimulates them to get to their top of the game. Online rummy games & tourneys hosted at Deccan Rummy attracts the best in the game all over India and youngsters those who are craving for a challenging platform are more than happy to display their rummy skills against qualified opponents. You will be pitted against the best players across the country thereby giving you an opportunity to wage a fierce battle.
  4. 4. Rewarding – It goes without saying playing online rummy is extremely rewarding. At the risk of sounding redundant, we advise the readers to take a look at the scintillating promotions on offer on our website. Would someone say no to an easy way to make big money by simply playing an easy game like rummy?
  5. Socializing – Online rummy games come with an interactive chat feature that allows the players to communicate between themselves. Players can discuss the strategies, moves and other things relevant to the game while playing. Today where virtually every communication is made online, it’s not surprising to see players befriend random people and develop a strong bond henceforth.

These are some of the reasons that make youngsters turn to online rummy. The online rummy industry is experiencing a surge which owes it largely to the fact that youngsters comprise of the majority of its base. Going by the current trend, it is safe to assume more and more youngsters will eventually turn to rummy to quench all their online gaming desires.

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