Online Rummy

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Online Rummy
online rummy

Online Rummy

Thanks to digitalization, Rummy, a classic Indian card game, is now available online. With this advent of rummy games going online, all game-related actions like shuffling the cards, picking one Joker, offering the cards to players are automated. The digital transformation has made the possibility of computational errors to be near zero.

About Online Rummy

Indians adore skill games and what can ask for more skills(intellectual, logical, analytical, mathematical) other than card games. Indian Rummy, a popular card game, has been played across for several centuries. Taking into account the busy lifestyle we lead these days, choosing online rummy is, in fact, a wise decision. Because of the immense popularity, the online rummy industry has become a force to reckon with among the widespread online gaming industry. Unlike offline rummy, the online counterpart doesn't require any special accouterments like tables, card deck et al. The bare minimum requirements of having a PC or laptop or a mobile device along with a stable Internet connection suits fine. Most online rummy operators rely on mobile apps to offer rummy games + real cash prizes.

Online Rummy Sites

Once you consider playing rummy online, the first question popping up in your head would be "What is the Best Online Rummy site?. Now comes, the difficult task of choosing the best among the wide selection of rummy sites. Given the huge popularity of online card games and also the perennial craze for rummy, we find new rummy sites popping up each day, with their own set of offers and promotions. Few factors need to be inspected before finalizing the best option for you.

1. Is Online Rummy Safe?

The first important check to be done before choosing a rummy site is to - Find if it has been RNG Certified. The random nature of an online rummy game is maintained with the help of this component of software. The RNG(random number generator) is a mathematical program to create unpredictable patterns that can affect the outcome of any game. In the case of online rummy, RNG ensures that the distribution of cards are completely random and fair by making it nearly impossible to guess.

Certified by Infysec, RNG is an important aspect of the rummy software that powers

2. Online Rummy Cash Withdrawal

Some influencers that come into play in selecting the best rummy site other than UI and other tangible factors are the withdrawal criteria. Many players would want to know answeres to these questions before investing in a site.

Is the cash withdrawal fast?

Is there a cash limit to withdraw?

Are there multiple payment options(debit card, credit card & net banking) available?

Deccan Rummy has the perfect answer to all these questions. What you win is yours -> In lightning speed. Cash limits are defined based on the gameplay of players. The players can choose the best options and methods that they are comfortable with. At present, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro Debit and Credit Cards issued by Indian Banks. We also accept NetBanking from various Indian Banks and a few Cash Cards. We have 3 secured payment gateways (TPSL, Pay U Money, EBS) as our Primary, Secondary and Alternative payment gateways.

Online Rummy for Free

Are you new to online rummy? Forget investing in cash rummy games at first, perfect the art of playing with free games and then hit the cash tables confidently. Did you find any online rummy site that allows you to play rummy for free? Your search ends here - allows you to play free rummy games 24/7? We currently offer freeroll tournaments amounting up to 7.2 Lakhs - You can play and win for FREE. Make use of the following freebies to earn easy real money at Deccan Rummy

  • Register at, get a real money bonus - Rs.25
  • Get first deposit Welcome bonus in bonus points - up to Rs.5000
  • Play free rummy tournaments every day for more than Rs.20000
  • Share your Referral code in Facebook get - Rs.25
  • Share your Referral code in Whatsapp get - Rs.25
  • Refer a Friend and earn 10% of friend's fees for life

Online Rummy for Cash

Tired of losing money everywhere? Choose for a gainful playing experience. We have stakes at all level. Low stakes? High stakes? Middle-level stakes? We have it all lined up neatly to your liking. We have a host of real cash games and tournaments that are totally legal to play in India. With stakes on tables amounting up to Rs. 10000 per table and cash tournaments worth more than Rs. 10000 per day, there is a lot to play for. The best payment solutions are integrated to help you play with real cash - Use the simplest deposit methods and Easy withdrawal processes.

Online Rummy with friends

Do you like playing Rummy at DeccanRummy? Why not refer your friend too, we bet he will like it, just like you. Introduce your friend and get to earn 10% of fees towards us for life. Did you hear it right? Not once, twice or thrice, It is for LIFE! We bet no other rummy site gives a bonus up to this level for just inviting your pals to play a game that interests you. Afterall, who wouldn't like playing rummy at the best site that offers attractive promotions? Give it a try, we bet it will be a real clean experience.

Online Rummy App

The reliable and smooth Online Rummy experience that players have been used to at our website is now available to users on mobile devices as well. While players can continue to play at on their laptops and desktops to win cash prizes, now they can take the wonderful world-class experience to wherever they move. thanks to Deccan Rummy Mobile apps (for your Android and iOS devices). For never ending fun and excitement, you may want to use our mobile app. Wonder why? It gives..

  • Sleek, fast and seamless experience
  • FREE rummy games 24x7
  • Exclusive app-only offers
  • Simplified cash Deposit & Withdrawal process
  • Smooth transition from Computer to Smartphone

Deccan Rummy has made a mark for itself, with it's splendid technical prowess. It keeps pushing the limits with every new technological advancement. Being the front and centre of the rummy revolution, Deccan Rummy definitely stays one step ahead of the competitors when it comes to innovation, authenticity and user-friendliness.

Start playing and get FREE money.

Start playing and get FREE money.

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