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Best IPL deal - IPL Bonus Bonanza Predict & Win Double

The biggest cricket extravaganza is about to start on Mar 23 and there is a palpable excitement around. Yes! We are talking about IPL 2019, the league that has filled our lives with joy and excitement for well over a decade. The 12th edition of the Indian Premier League promises to be as exciting with a lot of new players signed up.

Deccan Rummy is adding more juice to your celebration with an exciting bonus offer. Called the IPL Bonus Bonanza, the offer is on all the match days, giving the users an opportunity to boost their rummy bankroll. Power your rummy game up with this exciting offer which happens to be perfect offer to beat the IPL heat. It’s a single stroke, double benefit offer! Are you curious to know what’s on offer? Read on!

How the IPL Bonus Bonanza Predict & Win Double contest works?
  • Make a deposit the bonus code which will be updated each day
  • The deposit should be made only within the scheduled timings
  • Once you successfully complete the deposit, you will receive a pop-up, where you have to predict the winner of the IPL match scheduled that day
  • If your prediction turns true, we will credit a cash bonus at the ratio of 10:1 for the loyalty points that you generate by cash rummy games from 3PM – 10PM and also your loyalty points will be available for redemption as per the general rules in the main account. So, that’s the double of what you generate!
  • The max bonus a player can receive in this offer is Rs. 500.
  • Loyalty points generated before and after the timeframe mentioned will not be considered for conversion.
  • If your prediction doesn’t come true, you will not be eligible for this offer but you can redeem the loyalty points as per the general rules (10:1)
  • In both the cases, the loyalty points you generate will remain in your main account.
  • Offer is valid only on match days.
Name Date Bonus Bonus code Time Max bonus credited
IPL Bonus Bonanza Predict & Win double On all IPL match days Loyalty Points + Cash Bonus Would be updated everyday 3 PM to 10 PM on all match days Rs. 500

Terms and Conditions
  • Players who close the pop up without making a selection will not benefit out of the offer
  • The loyalty points he has earned will remain in his main account irrespective of the outcome of the prediction.
  • The offer will not be applied for matches that are cancelled.
  • The loyalty points that are generated in the time frame mentioned will only be taken into consideration for conversion.
  • Creating multiple accounts or attempting any unethical practices to take advantage of the bonus offer would result in a ban
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right in deciding the type of the surprise reward for your predictions.
  • *Standard Terms & Conditions apply

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