Deccan Rewards is a new feature implemented in our website. This feature is available exclusively for cash rummy players who play cash games with a buy-in amount of Rs. 10 and above. The more you play the more chances to win rewards. As of now, we have 4 new offers for Cash Rummy Players - Surprise Spins, Bonus, Bonus Badges, View Tickets, and Cash Bonus. Players may get any of these offers anytime not necessarily in any particular order.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Deccan Rewards Tab
  3. You can view the 4 newly added features “Bonus Badges”, “Surprise Spins”, “View Tickets” and “Cash Bonus”.
Surprise Spins

As the name indicates, cash players can avail a special surprise spinning wheel where they can spin the wheel to earn a surprise bonus. The more cash games you play, the more chances you have to receive this spinning wheel bonus.

How Surprise Spins works?
Bonus Badges

Cash Rummy players will receive a surprise bonus code using which they can avail bonus while making a deposit.

How Bonus Badges Work?
View Tickets:

There are many benefits of playing cash games and the higher stakes you play; the more stands your chances to reap rewards. Tickets are one of the amazing features of Deccan Rewards. Players can avail tickets to special tournaments, regular cash tournaments by playing Cash games.

How it works?
Cash Bonus

Players who play cash rummy players can avail a surprise cash bonus. Just play more cash rummy games and avail a surprise real cash bonus. This bonus will remain as a cash bonus in your account and the same will be released at the winning to release ratio of 10:1. It means 10% of bonus amount in the cash bonus account will be released for every win you secure in the cash rummy table.

How Cash Bonus feature works
  1. Players can refer our surprise whoppers page to know about this feature.
  2. Cash Bonus varies from player to player and it does not have an expiry.
Booster Bonus:

In addition to the myriad of offers and giveaways available under our Deccan Rewards program, here’s a new reward that has been added for the players – Booster Bonus. The bonus is available to cash players exclusively. As the players keep playing cash rummy games online they will receive this surprise bonus. This bonus amount would remain in their account like Bonus Points. If they win any cash rummy games within the next 24 hours, 10% of their winning amount will be added to their redeemable balance

How the booster bonus offer works?
  1. Booster Bonus is a player reward similar to cash bonus and bonus points
  2. It may be available with a promotion or may be credited for your cash gaming activities.
  3. The bonus credit can be checked under Deccan Rewards-> Booster Bonus->Earned. The bonus cannot be used directly; it can only be converted to cash and used.
  4. Conversion words as follows: For every win they secure in the cash games, 10% of the winning amount will be available to redeem. Eg: Let us assume the player has received Rs. 100 as booster bonus. The bonus will remain in the “Earned” Tag. Now of the player plays on a Rs. 100 table and wins Rs. 80, the 10% bonus offer mentioned here will be applicable on this winning. So the player would receive (80*10/100 =8) as the bonus which would be available under “Redeemable” tab. The earned field would now be Rs. 92 (Rs. 100-8). Players must keep playing cash games as possible within 24 hours to make use of the bonus amount. The amount is displayed in points that has a conversion rate as 1 booster point = Rs. 1.
  5. The minimum amount to process redeem for this promotion is Rs. 20. Once player places the redeem request, the amount would be credited to his withdrawable balance.
  6. The bonus will remain active in your acccount for just 24 hours. If the players fail to play cash games within those 24 hours, then the bonus becomes void.

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