Rummy Bonus – Surprise Cash Whoppers

Do you like surprises? Well, we promise you're going to love this one! Hit the cash rummy tables regularly and get a surprise bonus. Just play more cash rummy games and avail a surprise real cash bonus. The real cash bonus will be disbursed to your main account at the rate of 10% for each win. Just a few wins and TADA! You get the full bonus amount in your account. You would not want to miss this exquisite offer! Along with some incredible rummy games for your company!

How to avail this Offer?

Players who play cash rummy games are eligible to avail this offer. So give your best shot at Cash rummy games and grab the chance to win this surprise bonus. Start trading in our tables and get this meaty bonus now!

How Surprise Cash Whoppers works

Love to play rummy online? Just keep playing! To reward your patronage, a surprise cash bonus is made available exclusively for you. This surprise bonus is automatically credited to the accounts of cash rummy players.

  1. After Logging in, click on Deccan Rewards
  2. Click on Cash Bonus where you can see the bonus amount credited to your account
  3. This "Cash Bonus" feature is a bonus bucket from where the bonus gets disbursed to player accounts in parts. “Total” indicates the total surprise cash bonus that you earned. And “Pending” indicates the cash bonus pending to be released, and “Released” indicates the bonus amount moved to your withdrawable balance.

The bonus amount credited remains in locked status. Players can unlock their bonus amount only by playing cash rummy games. A player will receive 10% of the winning amount from the cash bonus account for every cash game win he secures subsequently. After the player secures a win in a cash game that he plays, 10% of the bonus amount will move from cash bonus account to his withdrawable balance. There is no time limit to avail the bonus; Players can avail this bonus amount whenever they want by playing cash rummy games.

For example, Let us assume you receive Rs. 100 as the real money bonus and your original account balance was Rs. 400. After the bonus credit, your account will show Rs. 500 as the available balance which is including the bonus amount. However, the Rs. 100 bonus amount will remain at Cash Bonus bucket and will be disbursed only in parts. Whenever you decide to play cash rummy games, the amount in the cash bonus bucket will automatically be used as an entry fee till its over. After that, you will charged from your real account as usual.

When you play in a Rs. 100 rummy table and win Rs. 80, then you will be getting 10% of the winning amount Rs. 8 (10/100*80) as the cash bonus. Rs.8 will be deducted from the bonus account and your new account balance would be Rs. 588 (including the winning amount) and the new cash bonus amount would be Rs. 92 (100 – 8 ).

However, if you lose the game when you are using this Rs. 100 in cash bonus bucket as a buy-in, you lose the entire bonus amount. Also the rake fee for this table will be deducted from your accounts.

The more games you win, the quicker your bonus will get disbursed. Unshackle yourself from the free games and get on to cash games, because that’s where the real money is.

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Terms & Conditions
  • This is a locked bonus amount and will only be released in parts.
  • You can use this bonus amount as a buy-in for cash rummy games but only 10% of the winning amount will move to your account balance. The remaining amount would stay in the bonus bucket.
  • Surprise bonus amount depends on various activities by the player like the number of high stakes played, Tournaments Played, and no of deposit/withdrawals made.
  • This process is automated. We do not credit special bonuses manually.
  • *Standard Deccan Rummy Terms & conditions apply.

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