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Your wish for Short and frequent leaderboard contests have come true with our Weekly Leaderboard contests. Isn't it great to know where you stand in terms of rankings amidst thousands of other rummy players playing rummy online every day? Well, has made a convenient arrangement to know where you stand with our Weekly leaderboard contest. Weekly leaderboard contest is the latest addition to the already impressive list of rummy promotions with us.

Climb the Rummy Weekly leaderboard to claim your prizes from the prize pool of Rs. 150000. The leaderboard comes in 3 levels namely Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Running for a week, the contest carries some really cool prizes for the winners. The best part, however, is that the prizes of the week will be decided just before the contest giving us the choice to give you the best prize trending that week.

Additionally, the top 20 players on each leaderboard will get to play a special tournament reserved for each level the day after a leaderboard contest ends.

Play cash rummy games continuously to acquire loyalty points and claim a position on our Tournament Leaderboard. You can enroll and compete just by playing, with no other entry requirements. This leaderboard is specifically designed for cash rummy players. The more cash games a player plays, the better he has a chance to climb! Take your online Rummy game to the next level with this fantastic contest

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