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Experience the pulsating gaming experience at DeccanRummy, India’s fastest rummy website online. Register with us for free and get an opportunity to earn real cash. Play free online 13 cards Indian Rummy games, cash tournaments with full freedom against players across India. DeccanRummy strikes a balance by providing you a gaming experience that is entertaining as well as very convenient. Just log in to our website and play our games on your desktop or on your mobile devices. Learn more about DeccanRummy

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  • Pool Rummy.
  • Deals Rummy.
  • Points Rummy.
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Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is a popular card game played based on draw and discard of cards. Rummy’s history dates back several decades. Modern day rummy is an amalgamation of various different rummy games over the years. Online 13 card rummy remains the most popular and preferred card game because of its simple gameplay. 13 card Indian Rummy is a multiplayer game played where every player picks or discards a card from the open/closed deck in order to complete sets and sequences. The player who melds a minimum of two sequences with at least one pure sequence (without the Joker) is the winner. proudly presents its fastest online rummy to the Indian market. Our website provides a world class interface which allows anyone (Register now), anywhere (in India with the exception of Assam and Odisha), anytime (24x7) play flash free, fast rummy games for free/cash and win cash prizes. By joining us, you will be a part of a huge community playing Rummy card games with a passion. Play our exciting card games with players across from India. Get started right now and join us and treat yourself to a host of great bonuses, offers, promotions and staggering gaming features: Check how to play rummy section to learn about online rummy.

Rummy Games

Choose the best game variant offered by DeccanRummy, that matches your playing style

Points Rummy online is the fastest variant, where the game just lasts for one deal. Players play for points with a pre-decided monetary value. The winner takes all the money that his opponents lose. This fastest variant provided by us serves as the right fodder to your online gaming appetite and one of the quickest ways to earn real cash. Play points rummy games

Pool rummy online is an exhilarating variant, where players pay a fixed entry fee to participate. The sum of entry fees forms the prize pool. The player with the minimum points at the end is declared as the winner. 101/201 Pool are the two variants offered by us in Pool rummy. Play pool rummy games

Deals Rummy is an exciting variant where the number of deals is pre-decided and the player with maximum points, at the end of such deals, wins. DeccanRummy currently offers 2 Player deal and 6 player Deal as two variants of Deals Rummy Play deals rummy games

Free Rolls Tournaments: Free Rolls are played without an entry fee. Players get a chance to win real cash at no cost. DeccanRummy hosts lots of exciting free tournaments which enables our players to have fun as well as an opportunity to win cash prizes without investing a single rupee for participation. Play free rolls tournaments.

Multi-table online rummy tournaments, invite a large number of DeccanRummy players to compete against each other. Have an awesome gaming experience while you play rummy and win amazing cash prizes by playing in our tournaments. Play rummy tournaments

Fair Play & Fast Pay

Deccanrummy ensures high standards of security - SSL certified, Anti Collusion & Anti Fraud measures enforced, Certified RNG to ensure card sequences are non-repeatable & unpredictable. Fast flash free tables, numerous deposit options and quick withdrawal facility is the newest way to sit back, relax & enjoy a game of classic rummy online. If you are looking for a site to play exciting Indian rummy games safely, hop into our site directly. Have no second thoughts. We assure you that the rummy experience you are going to get will be unprecedented and you will also be entitled to lots of other benefits. contact us to know more

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