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Pool Rummy is a multi-deal, online rummy game in India that can be played between 2-6 players in India. Pool rummy is available in two variations; 101 and 201 Pool Rummy. The objective in the game is to push your opponents to cross 101 or 201 depending on the game that you have chosen. Unlike Points rummy or Deals rummy game that lasts for a few deals, the game is exhaustive. You have to play a series of games so that you push the opponents to the points as mentioned

Apart from the thrilling gaming experience you get, there are also huge stakes riding on pool rummy games. Pool Rummy games start with small entry fee as low as Rs. 25 and goes all the way to Rs. 10000. The thrill of playing multiple deals in order to win the big cash prizes motivates many rummy veterans to choose this variant over other rummy variants. Classic Pool Rummy is available on 2, 3, 4, and 6 player tables with a minimum of 2 decks. The rules are simple and straightforward like other rummy variants – make valid sequences/sets and declare the game. The idea is to quickly group the cards together before the opponents so that you get to progress to the next round with minimum number of points. This variant of rummy is very rewarding and rummy veterans make a kill out of it. Join Deccan Rummy tables now, play pools rummy and sharpen your rummy skills for better rewards.

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How to Play Pool Rummy?

Login to Deccan Rummy with your username and password.

In the lobby, click on Cash -> Pool Rummy, where you can see the list of games available with their stakes listed. Every table has an entry fee. Check if you have sufficient cash balance in your account and click on Join and confirm your participation.

Once you hit the table, select your position by clicking the sit here option

A player can pick the card from the open deck or closed deck during his turn

After completing the objective of building sets and sequences, player must place his final card in the finish slot and click on declare. On a successful show, the player moves to the

How the Winning Amount is calculated in Pool Rummy?

A Player’s winning amount in a Pool Rummy game is calculated as follows:

Winning Amount = Total entry fee of all Players – Deccan Rummy fee

Eg: If 3 players participate with an entry fee of 500, Amount earned by winner = (1500 – Our service charge)

In a 6 player pool table, the final two players receive the prize amount.


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