Diwali Rummy Dhamaka – Win 6 Million

Diwali is fast approaching and the atmosphere is filled with electricity and super-excitement. Along with patakas and firecrackers, Deccan Rummy is all set to sweep you off your feet with an earth-shattering Diwali deal.

Gear up for Diwali Rummy Dhamaka. Unlock the champion in you as you have upto 6 million to win from. From a super-awesome leaderboard contest to firebrand freeroll tournaments to pulsating cash tournaments, Diwali Rummy Dhamaka is packed with plenty of offers.

The face of Diwali Rummy Dhamaka is our Diwali Leaderboard race. Our action packed Diwali leaderboard runs from Oct 6 - Nov 2 and is open at 3 levels - Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Wouldn't you agree if we said Smartphones has made our lives so convenient? Guess what, the winners of leaderboard race will have a chance to win some of the latest smartphones in the market.

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