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13 card rummy is a mind-based game wherein you play to arrange the hand cards into proper sets & sequences. The outcome of the game depends purely on your skill. The luck factor stops with the initial distribution of your cards. It is a game that demands attention and concentration. The gameplay is intriguing as well as very spellbinding. An adroit rummy player often finds a way to improve his hands using his skills. From 13 cards that is dealt to players initially, draw and discard of the cards continues by rounds till one player melds his cards with valid sets meeting the objective of game.

13 card Rummy Rules

13 card rummy is played with two decks of cards with two Jokers. All the players in a table get 13 cards each. The basic rule of this game is to pick a card from the open deck or closed deck and to discard a card from your hand. A Player has to arrange his 13 cards into proper sets and sequences. In order to win the game, the player should at least have two sequences out of which one should be a pure sequence. A Sequence with no Joker is known as the pure sequence. Learn how to play rummy game online here

How to Win 13 Card Rummy games?

To win 13 card rummy games, you must meld your hand cards into proper sets and sequences. After completing the objective, you must discard the final card in the finish slot and then declare your hand and wait for your opponents to show their hands. If the sets and sequences are valid, you win the game with zero points.

If your opponents do not have a pure sequence then they lose the game with 80 points. Similarly, if they have a pure sequence but have failed to meet the objective of the game, then points of their ungrouped hand cards are calculated.

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History of the 13 Card Playing card games

Playing card games have always been a common pastime in the Indian sub-continent. It is interesting to know the history of card games in India. There is a theory that card games were first introduced by Mughal emperors in the 16th century as a court game. They named it “Ganjifa” which roughly translates to treasure. Ganjifa is considered to be the precursor to all the card games that are now popular in our country. It’s not amusing to see families bond together to play 13 card games on festivals and other get-togethers. The game is very popular in the family circles because of its intriguing game play.

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13 Card Rummy Basic Terminologies

Deck : A standard deck has 52 cards without including jokers. If you include the jokers it is 54.

Closed Deck : After 13 cards are dealt with players, the remaining cards are placed facedown to form what is known as the closed deck.

Open Deck : The Discard pile where the players discard their card in the process of making sets & sequences forms the open deck.

Sequences : A sequence is 3 or more cards of the same suit arranged in consecutive order.

Sets : A Set is a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same numerical Value of different Suits.

Joker : A random card selected from the deck of cards acts as the Joker.

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