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Play rummy with your friends – Refer and earn a Lifetime Bonus

Get your rummy loving friends playing on Deccan Rummy and grab a chance to earn amazing bonus offers for life! Give them access to a range of wonderful rummy games and variants and share the joy of rummy!

All you have to do is get your friend or acquaintance to register on our platform using the referral link. Every time they win you will get 10% of their rake fee as a bonus! 

Guess what's fascinating about this offer? It's valid for life and unlimited! 

It’s easier than ever to share the fun!

Refer a friend
Let’s have a step by step detailing of the process
  1. Login to Deccan Rummy & Click on Refer & Earn
  2. Navigate to Invite your friend -> 'WebMail Share'. Add the email addresses of the friends and click on the send button. You can import your contacts from Gmail.
  3. Navigate to Invite your friend -> 'Social Share'. Click on the social media icons at the bottom (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn) & login to share the unique referral link to all your social media friends.
  4. Inform your friends to register only using your unique referral link. This is the only way they can be linked to you.
  5. Once they register with that link, all they need to do is to play cash games at and your bonus will start to Grow.
  6. Clicking on 'Referral Details' will fetch you the details about the friends you have referred to and the points that you have generated through them.
  7. Clicking on Referral Bonus will help you to see the number of points that you have generated in total and the number of points available for redeeming. Referral points can be converted to cash at a ratio of 10:1 (1000 Referral points = Rs. 100)
Terms and Conditions
  • Make sure you invite a friend of age more than 18.
  • The person must not reside in a territory that has restrictions on Online Rummy
  • You confirm that the friends you refer are known to you and not unknown contacts. Referrals obtained through spam shall not be taken into account for this promotion
  • You shall not create multiple email addresses and send the invite to your friends for the sake of winning a bonus as this will be considered as bonus abuse. People abusing the bonus by creating fake accounts will be banned
  • If the user plays against his referred circle of rummy friends the user will not be eligible
  • The offer can be applied valid only when your friend registers using the unique referral link that has been sent by you. If he fails to register by using your link, you will not be eligible for this offer. 
  • You acknowledge and agree that DeccanRummy will use Third party websites to import your address book containing the email addresses of such friends and acquaintances that you intend to send invitations.
  • You must understand that Third party websites are governed by their own terms and conditions
  • Standard Deccan Rummy Terms and Conditions apply

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