Responsible Gaming at Deccan Rummy

At, we believe it is our duty to support responsible gaming, and we do so by providing a safe and responsible gaming environment in compliance with the gaming industry’s best practices. commits itself to integrity, trustability, and fair play and we proactively reach out to solve any gaming related problems. We have strived a lot to come up with measures that ensure a responsible, safe and secure gaming environment for online rummy. Most of our rummy players play the game for fun and entertainment, but we do understand that a minuscule of them will:

  • Play when they're underage (less than 18), or
  • Allow rummy game affect their lives too much

Security Measures taken at for Responsible Gaming

Under 18 years

According to Supreme Court, the legal age for playing rummy card games in India is 18 years and above. Deccan Rummy does not allow anyone below 18 to register and play on our website. If we find that you are underage, your account will be banned instantly.

Restricted Locations

As we are law abiding company, we do not allow players from Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim to play rummy games for cash in our site. The gambling laws of the states of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim do not permit to deposit or withdrawal of cash to play cash rummy games.

Anti Fraud/Collusion Protection Policy

  • Deccan Rummy has integrated a state-of-the-art surveillance mechanism to spot any malpractice in the game.
  • Our Anti-fraud algorithms monitor the gaming sessions to ensure no fraud takes place.
  • Colluding with other players is also considered as a form of fraud. We ban players indulging in collusion.

High level encryption

  • Deccan Rummy uses 128-bit encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of user's personal data; and Secure Socket Links (SSL) to ensure the security of all financial transactions.
  • The information we collect from our players shall not be shared with any third-party.

Pre-defined limit for maximum cash deposits

Your Deccan Rummy account comes with default deposit limit of Rs. 50000 per day. The idea behind setting these limits is to ensure you don’t spend recklessly.

Multiple Accounts prohibited

According to our site’s policy, a user is allowed to have only one account at Deccan Rummy. If it is found that a player is holding more than one account, then we instantly terminate the account of that player.

Security Tips for Responsible Gaming

  • Time Limit - Fix a time to play rummy and do not exceed that time whatsoever.
  • Cash Limit – Set deposit limits and ensure you do not deposit more than you can afford to lose. Never use money with which you need to take care of your daily activities.
  • Avoid playing when you’re upset - Don't play when you are tired, mentally down or depressed. It is difficult to take good decisions when you in a distress.
  • Limit Distractions – Make sure your focus is only on the game while playing. Do not allow external factors to hinder your gaming session. Set yourself up to play in an optimal rummy environment.
  • Strike a balance - Balance your gaming with indulging in other activities. Make sure your playing does not cause problems in your personal lives. Know when to stop and avoid over-playing.
  • Positive Attitude – Be positive every time you hit the table. Optimistic players believe their losses are temporary and believe a win is just around the corner. Being positive will enable you to play your best in any situation.
  • Chat Behaviour - Deccan Rummy offers interactive chat feature to its players while gaming. Avoid spamming, abusing, bullying, profanity, racist/ blasphemous/derogatory comments and any other form of condescending remarks. Refrain from any forms of solicitation. This may lead to banning of user accounts. Keep the chat feature only to discuss rummy.

Underage user protection

Nobody below 18 years is allowed to play our games. If you suspect that anyone underage may use your PC to play our games, try implementing the following

  • Be sure to protect your PC. Your desktop/laptop can be set up to have password control so that you must enter a password to access it. It is important to do it especially if you have children or teenagers around your playing area.
  • Keep your Deccan Rummy account credentials private.
  • Do not Select "Remember my password" each time you log into Deccan Rummy.
  • Avoid sharing your credit card or bank account information with underage people.
  • Use child protection software to block gaming sites for under 18s

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