Cash tournaments

Cash Rummy - Play cash tournaments - Monthly prize pool 15 Lakhs

Twenty 20
Morning Dangal

Knight Riders
Cash Splash

Turbo 250
Hyper 500

Real Cash Rummy Tournament Schedule

Cash Tournaments Starts at Prizepool Entry
Twenty20 10:00 AM 6000 Rs. 20
Morning Dangal 11:45 am 3600 Rs. 25
Challengers 12:00 PM 3600 Rs. 50
Zoom 02:00 PM 5400 Rs. 75
Knight Rider 04:00 PM 3600 Rs. 100
Cash Splash 9:30 pm 10000 Rs. 25
Turbo 250 Thursday & Saturday - 8 PM 16200 250
Hyper 500 sunday & Friday - 8 PM 32400 500

Cash rummy tournaments are one of the best ways to enjoy rummy games online. If you think you've leveled your game up to face other players, in a multiplayer environment then you have to try cash rummy tournaments.

Cash Rummy tournaments are a set of tournaments where you gain entry by paying a real cash buy-in amount. Deccan Rummy hosts various cash tournaments at fixed schedules. Players need to have their accounts loaded with the required cash if they wish to participate in any of these tournaments.

Cash Rummy tournaments are almost the replica of engaging rummy sessions we had in the yesteryear in clubs and hotels. The only difference, you get the same entertainment sitting at the comfort of your homes with a fabulous earning chance.

What are the Rules for Cash Rummy Tournaments?
  1. Players need to have sufficient buy-in in order to enter the game
  2. The prize amount depends on the collective buy-in by all the players at the beginning of the tournament. It means the prizepool varies according to the number of players.
  3. Every tournament has a fixed number of seats and rummy players are seated across multiple tables based on their arrival
  4. A table can accomodate a maximum of 6 players.
  5. Unless or otherwise explicitly mentioned, the tournament does not come with assured prizes.
  6. Tournaments would begin only when 50% of the seats are occupied.
  7. You can enjoy Deccan Rummy's cash rummy tournaments online or from the rummy mobile app.
Terms & Conditons
  • In case of any disputes, Deccan Rummy’s decision is final and binding.
  • People aged 18 years and above can take part in our cash rummy tournaments
  • The Company reserves the right to cancel/modify any part of these tournaments at its sole discretion without giving notice
  • Prize Amounts mentioned here are indicative. The actual prize amount depends on the number of players who participate in the tournament.
  • All cash tournaments will start only if 50% seats are occupied.
  • Standard Deccan Rummy terms and conditions still apply

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