Online Rummy Chat Etiquette

We at DeccanRummy are very concerned about the gaming environment our players are playing in. So we take a lot of efforts in keeping the gaming environment safe and clean. We see to it that our players follow some chat etiquette whenever they engage in online chat.

Following online rummy chat etiquettes is crucial to ensure you don’t offend fellow players in any way. Rummy Online chat etiquette is important for several reasons. Unlike face-to-face communication, where lots of factors like your words, expression, intonations give a clue about you, you can’t notice or hear all these when in online rummy chat – and this could create lots of misunderstanding and confusion. Kindly follow the chat etiquettes given below for a safe and happy gaming experience.

  • We want all the players to enjoy their rummy experience at our site, so we request everyone to be positive and vibrant whenever you chat.
  • It would help us if you could bring any unpleasant or harassing behaviour to our attention. We have zero tolerance policy towards any forms of harassment. Please send us an email or inform us through chat with a screenshot so that we could take act based on your complaint. Our support team will contact you to give you an update about the action taken.
  • Profanity, Vile abuse, Sexual innuendos, posting porn links, and any other types of inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. We many permanently remove your chat privileges if you are a repeat offender.
  • Refrain from posting comments about religion, ethnicity, race or any other sensitive issues. Failure to comply will result in a ban.
  • We understand anonymity reigns supreme in online gaming sites. Do not take advantage of your anonymity and indulge in stalking, foul-mouthing, teasing or bullying your opponents.
  • Be considerate towards other players when they lose. Winning and losing is a part of playing rummy online. Do not mock players for their losses. It may lead them to leave the site completely.
  • Be mindful that you do not slow down the pace of the game because of your chatting. While chat may be an outlet to express you, gaming is the primary thing in an online rummy site.
  • Do not throw tantrums at times when you lose. Please understand that you will always get multiple chances to win in our site. Treat victories and losses on an equal scale.
  • We reserve the right to temporarily/permanently revoke your chat privileges based on the degree of your offenses. If you still do not pay heed to our chat etiquettes, Deccan Rummy reserves the right to ban your accounts.
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Follow these chat etiquettes to ensure you're behaving correctly at our tables and help us in maintaining this gaming environment clean

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