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Do velfie – Let’s take a velfie Bomma & get amazing cash bonus!

It goes without saying playing at offers a enriching and swashbuckling gaming experience. We’ve developed a reputation for providing players with high quality games and top notch promotion and stuffs. And every player playing the game here at corresponds to it by lapping up all the offers and promotions here in its entirety. Sharing a common history of love-love relationship, we’re eager to take forward to know how much you enjoy your gaming experience.

In other words, we’re eager to know how you really enjoy playing Rummy @ Deccanrummy. We're expecting Video testimonials from our players all over India sharing your love for us.

Few of our user's reviews are here. They absolutely love everything about the site here from the intuitive gaming environment to the smorgasbord range of cash & free games to the host of rummy promotions available; they love everything here at Deccan Rummy. If they were to quantify the number of things they admire here, they’ll probably lose count of the numbers. However, here’s a chance to make some more cash than what you can just by doing a simple task

How about posting a velfie so that we will get to know how much you love playing here at and get rewarded with an awesome cash reward. Curious about how velfies work

Forget Selfies, India is embracing the "velfie" with people ranging from an ordinary jack to prominent personalities taking and posting videos of themselves online using a range of new mobile apps. Velfie is nothing but selfie taken in a video form. There’s something exciting that you can get when you post a velfie of the things we mention here at

DeccanRummy not only values loyalty, we take it very seriously as an online game provider too and this is shown with the perks awarded to those players who complete the simple tasks we assign.

So here it goes!

How the contest works?
  1. #DoVelfie – Take a velfie where you give us 3 reasons why you like playing at Deccanrummy along with your Deccan Rummy username
  2. Send your velfies to 8939033366
  3. Get Rs. 100 Cash Bonus after verification
  4. The contest is open to every player here at
  5. The result for this "Do a Velfie" contest will be announced on 13-08-2018. After that you will be credited with cash prize.
Terms & Conditions
  • reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.
  • By participating in the contest, the Winner consents to providing his video, name and Place to be used as promotional content by and can be used for our marketing purposes.
  • Standard Deccan Rummy Terms & conditions applied

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