Beat the Clock Marathon Challenge

Rummy Promotion - Beat the Clock – Marathon Challenge

Add some more zing to your rummy gaming with Beat the Clock Marathon Challege

The action is always hot here at DeccanRummy with our exciting online rummy promotions, fast-paced online rummy tournaments and exclusive leaderboard races. We make it a point to ensure every player that lands at DeccanRummy would get a generous dose of offers and promotions. That’s the reason we come up with exciting new offers every month so that every new player gets something special.

From bonus offers to tournaments, to surprise rewards, our site is overflowing with opportunities to win some really cool prizes for playing rummy online. Just like the April showers which bring May flowers, there’s going to be a shower of offers this April here at DeccanRummy. One of the important offer that’s going to be as thrilling as our weekly leaderboard race is our Beat the Clock Marathon Challenge.

The contest:

Players need to play a number of 13 card cash rummy games on designated tables during the time the offer is active. Players who complete the said objective will receive a surprise bonus. Who doesn’t like to be a part of rummy marathon?

Start Time:

End Time:

No of games to be played:


Min table buyin: Rs.

How the contest works?
  1. If the offer is activated for the day, players can find it under the Hot Deals in our promotions.
  2. Deccan Rummy will set the total numbers of games to be played, the time limit and the tables in which the players have to play to achieve the target.
  3. Keep playing more cash games to have your chance.
  4. We will also be uploading the pop-ups for the active offer for the day that you can find once you login.
Terms & Condition
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right to fix the date, time, and table buy-in range for this offer.
  • Players may receive cash bonus or booster bonus for this offer.
  • The number of games played on tables whose buy-in is lesser than the given one will not be taken into account.
  • Any player indulging in unethical practices like creating multiple accounts or indulging in fraudulent activities would be banned immediately & the funds in his account shall remain locked.

Rummy cards

Race ahead of others by beating the clock to win a super cool bonus

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