Beat the Clock Loyalty Challenge

Beat the Clock - Loyalty Points Challenge

Up for something that’s very short and challenging? If you love to indulge in short gaming sessions, then this Beat the Clock challenge is for you. The offer will give the users a series of challenges that they can try out. If you meet the said criteria for each of these challenges within the given time, then you will receive a surprise bonus. Remember it’s a race against the clock to complete the challenges. You have to be on your toes to complete the said task and remember there are thousands of others who would be competing for the same. Without further ado, let us get straight into what this offer is all about.

Raise the heat with Beat the Clock – Loyalty Challenge
  • Generate a fixed number of loyalty points given within a time period. Players who complete the challenge will earn a surprise bonus.
  • Deccan Reserves the right to fix the date on which the offer is active and the type of bonus to be given away.

Start Time:

End Time:

Bonus Amount: Rs.

No of Loyalty Points:

Min table buyin: Rs.

Table Type: Tables

How the contest works?
  1. If the offer is active on the current day, players can find it under Hot Deals in our promotions page. Players are also advised to check the upcoming promotions page everyday to know what’s on next.
  2. Deccan Rummy reserves the right to fix the date on which this offer would be active and the time period of this offer. The number of loyalty points, minimum buy-in table value and the time within which it should be generated will also be updated.
  3. The more you play, the higher are your chances to meet the set criteria and get some cool bonuses.
Terms & Condition
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right to fix the dates on which any of these promotions would be active.
  • The bonus type for would be one among Cash Bonus or Booster Bonus.
  • Bonus will be credited only once per user even on accumulating twice or more loyalty points than the required limit.
  • We reserve the right to fix the tables on which the offer is applicable. The loyalty points, won on tables lesser than the given one will not be taken into account.
  • Any player indulging in unethical practices like creating multiple accounts or indulging in fraudulent activities would be banned immediately & the funds in his account shall remain locked.
  • The bonus amount given away as a prize is fixed.
  • * Standard Deccan Rummy Terms and Conditions apply

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Race ahead of others by beating the clock to win a super cool bonus

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