Show card bonus

Show Card Bonus – Get 10% Bonus on your winnings

Being lucky on a day would always be nice, isn’t? Think of all the splendid stuff you could buy on your lucky day! While we cannot expect every day to be ours given the grand scheme of the universe, but we at Deccan Rummy are doing our best to make sure that every day turns out to be something special.

Here’s an awesome promotion just for you. Finish the game with the card we mention and get 10% bonus on the winning amount

How the offer works?
  1. The process of submitting cards for validation is called show. Once the player has created the required sequences and/or sets for a successful show, the player has to move a card to the finish slot, arrange the cards and click on 'Declare' button.
  2. If the submit made by you is valid and your finish card matches with the card we mention, you will receive the 10% bonus on your winning amount.
  3. Your bonus may be given as a cash bonus or booster bonus.
  4. If the offer is currently on, players can find it at Current Promotions. Players can also check when the offer is scheduled by checking the upcoming promotions.

Start Time:

End Time:

Finish Card:

Bonus Amount: 10% of winnings on Table

Min Table Buy-in: Rs.

Table Type: Tables

No matter what kind of card game experience you’re looking for, DeccanRummy has something to suit you. If you want to get a better experience from DeccanRummy, it’s recommended that you take advantage of all our promotions.

Terms & Conditions
  • The offer will be applicable only on Valid submits
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right in fixing the validity of the offer
  • The offer will be active only on the timing we mention.
  • Card that you submit can be of a different suit but should be of the same rank we've mentioned.
  • Any attempts to cheat, or colluding with others for a favourable outcome are punishable by a ban.
  • *Standard Deccan Rummy Terms & Conditions applied.

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