Refer A friend and earn bonus for life Refer and Earn


  1. This promotion is limited to one account per customer. Account sharing is strictly prohibited.
  2. To claim the Referral Bonus, a user must be a cash player and invite his/her circle of rummy friends
  3. If the user plays against his referred circle of rummy friends the user will not be eligible
  4. Multiple registrations for a single player is strictly prohibited and if found it may result in a permanent ban.
  5. The friend you invite must not have already registered with Deccan Rummy.
  6. You must ensure that the people you refer have consented to receive our invitation, are eighteen (18) years of age or over and do not reside in a territories in which our services are restricted. You cannot avail the bonus if you send referral to unknown people or send bulk mail ("SPAM") for soliciting registrations.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that Deccan Rummy can use third party websites to import your address book that contains the email addresses of the circle of rummy friends you wish to invite. You also acknowledge that third party website govern on their own terms of service and policies
  8. Deccan Rummy reserves the right to modify/cancel this promotion or to discontinue it at any time without liability and without notice.

How to refer a Friend In our Website

  • Login to your account, click on Refer-And-Earn Tab
  • Click on Invite Friends where you can find Webmail Share and Social Share
  • Share the link by clicking on “Click here to share via Email”. You can import your contacts by logging into your gmail account or manually enter the email address
  • You can also refer your friends through our social share feature by clicking on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin)
  • You can check your referrals by clicking on Referral Details

How does my Friend/Referee use the referral link?

  • Once you receive have the email. Click on play now and register at Deccan Rummy
  • Alternately, people who find the post in their social media profiles can just click the image which will take you to Deccan Rummy website where they can register.
  • Once you verify your mobile number, your account will be credited with an instant signup bonus of Rs. 25.
  • If you’re a beginner, start with practice games else start playing cash rummy games directly.

How can I check by Referral Bonus Points?

  • Login to your account, click on Refer-And-Earn Tab
  • Click on Referral Bonus
  • Total Bonus point will indicate the total points accumulated in your account
  • Pending Bonus points is the number of bonus eligible for redemption. Please note that a minimum 1000 points should be eligible to process any redeem
  • Released Bonus Points indicate the amount of Bonus points that have been redeemed
  • Players can redeem their referral bonus by entering the number of points they wish to redeem (min 1000 points) in the box below and click on Redeem.

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Play Rummy, Refer your friend and get Unlimited Bonus for Life.

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